Examples of style and design of paintings in the interior of a children's room

When decorating the nursery, each parent wants to make the room a cozy place where the child can relax and learn. Most often, during repairs, they resort to themed wallpapers in the nursery, which after a while become irrelevant. In order to not have to make repairs every couple of years, you can use children's paintings in the room: this will create the right atmosphere, and there will be no problem with the loss of relevance.

picture to the nursery

Children's room reflects the world of the baby, his knowledge and discovery of a new one.

Criterias of choice

In order to choose a picture in the nursery, you should adhere to several important criteria:

  • The size. Must match the size of the object below it. If these are large objects, such as a sofa, bed, or table, then the picture should be at least half the width of the furniture. You can use modular. The total width of the placement should not be less than 2/3 of the bed. Thus, the canvas will not look "lonely" or inappropriate. The height depends on the ceilings: if they are low, then you need to take vertical ones and vice versa. Thanks to the vertical paintings, the room will visually look taller than it actually is.
paintings to the nursery

The paintings on the wall should be with a simple and understandable plot for the child.

  • The color scheme of the room. Here you need to decide: do you want the decor to be a "highlight", which is emphasized or that this element harmoniously fits into the design of the room? In the first case, you need to choose an option whose colors would contrast with the color scheme of furniture, other decorating elements. Otherwise, pick up a picture in similar tones of the design of the children's room.
Scandinavian style paintings

Illustrations of children's fairy tales with positive kind characters are well suited to the nursery.

  • Theme. When choosing a plot, focus on the general theme of room design and on the age of the child. For example, if you originally made rooms in the marine style or in the style of Disney princesses, then the picture should be appropriate. If the space is made in neutral colors and does not have a pronounced theme, then focus on the age of the child: for very small ones, pictures that depict animals or fantastic landscapes are suitable. As a child grows up, when he has his own hobbies and hobbies, you can change the topic of interest to the child.
pictures with winnie the pooh

Portraits of your favorite cartoon characters look good.

  • The form. You can choose a rectangular, square, round or oval shape. You can combine several forms at once. Thanks to all this, you can achieve the right atmosphere.
wall decoration in the nursery

When selecting paintings, the character and temperament of the baby are taken into account.

Types of paintings for children

This option for decorating rooms is divided into a large number of varieties, ranging from ordinary drawings on canvas to tapestries, but we will consider the most popular of them.


Modular, in turn, are divided into diptychs, triptychs and polyptychs. The most important thing is that all segments are either in the same theme, or that the parts create a single picture. Such images attract attention due to the very unusual form of presentation of holistic work.Modular paintings can be used for the interior of a children's room, on which are painted boats, landscapes, flowers and many other topics.

Paintings on canvas

Children's paintings on canvas are either hand-drawn or created using print. This variation already has its own idea, unlike modular ones. For a children's room, you can choose any illustration on the canvas - there are so many choices that your eyes will run wide. These are painted animals, and cartoony night themes, and fantastic animals, and princesses, and many, many other paintings in the children's room.


Other equally popular are posters to the nursery and homemade products.

Posters can have any printed picture, as well as motivating phrases. This format is very colorful and brings its own cherry on the cake to the interior. During the growing up of the child, posters with motivating phrases will help him in difficult situations.

nursery posters

An overly active and restless kid will be restrained by neutral tones with a calm plot.

Interesting information! Homemade paintings are made from beads, sequins, embroidered with a cross or stitch. You can do it yourself and make the room more colorful and memorable.

The choice of style for the nursery

The style in which the image is made is also important, because it is it that completes the composition of the entire interior.


Modern options can be either saturated with bright colors, or be in calmer colors. But such variations are not limited by their motives. It can be fantastic images of unicorns or fairies, or a picture with your favorite cartoon character, or a beautiful landscape. Select the theme of the room and you won’t lose it. Or stop your search on images of cartoon animals on a white background - it looks very cute.

paintings to the nursery girls

Images of butterflies, fairies, princesses will look ideal.


Art Nouveau style is characterized by the fact that the picture does not have sharp corners or straight lines. They have arched or circular strokes that add elegance. The colors that are used are light green, purple, lilac, as well as the paler colors of blue or yellow. This style often depicts flowers or plants, as well as landscapes. Due to the absence of sharp straight lines, the illustration becomes like a fairy tale.

paintings in children's modern

Vivid pictures with a dynamic image will raise the tone for a melancholy and quiet child.


Minimalism is one of the growing styles. Such options do not have a large number of drawings on canvas. Usually this is a single drawing made with a minimum number of lines and colors. Such images make the room brighter and more spacious.

minimalism painting

Looks great pictures above the crib, and in the play area.

Children's loft - in this style are performed in warm colors: brown, beige and white. For older children, you can add more black, blue and red colors. This is more suitable for paintings in the form of posters. They diversify the room and give it extraordinary.

paintings in a children's loft

Several small paintings framed by frames will look beautiful.

Choices depending on the gender of the child

If you want to make the room not universal, but purely for a boy or for a girl, then the scenery should be chosen accordingly.

For girl

For the girl, canvases depicting magical fairies, fantastic unicorns or various princesses are suitable. An illustration of a beautiful castle is also suitable. For older girls who have their own hobbies, you can choose canvases depicting ballerinas, pianists, artists and more. Works can be in bright colors of pink, blue, yellow and other colors.

For boy

Modular paintings for the interior of a children's room for boys, which depicts boats, cars, planes, motorcycles, a view of the cosmos or football motifs will be very appropriate.Such canvases are best taken in bright colors to emphasize this. Very suitable options for the boy made in blue, green, red or orange colors.

Important! Do not forget to consider the preferences of your child. Then his surroundings will be comfortable and cozy.

Location options in the interior of the nursery

The illustration in the nursery is best placed above the crib of the baby. This way you fill the empty space above the crib and create a soothing appearance.

picture in the nursery over the bed

Pictures for children can be made in bright, rich colors or, conversely, soft, pastel.

For older children who are already starting to walk and have their own corner for games, you can place just in this place. Such a variation in a nursery can have bright colors. Also, this work can have its own theme: it can be drawn cars, or knights, or some kind of sport, or a view from space. Looking at this work, a child from childhood will begin to get involved in something specific.

picture with fairies for a girl

Children really like the heroes of their favorite fairy tales and cartoons.

Interesting information! For teenagers who have their own table, a picture can be hung above it. In this case, the illustration above the desktop should not greatly distract the child. She should be in calm colors. You can use a poster with a motivating phrase.

picture in the nursery over the table

The most important thing is for the child to like the picture.

VIDEO: Modular paintings for a children's room.

Photos of examples of children's design with paintings

In order to make it easier for you to choose a decor for a nursery, we will provide several photo examples:

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