Options for choosing wallpaper in the interior of a children's room

With an abundance of finishing materials, it is difficult to choose children's wallpaper for the walls. Like everything at once: cartoon characters, space panoramas, toys. Designers and psychologists talk about selection criteria. Pictures and plots are designed for different ages, not appropriate in all stylistic decisions. An important factor is the background color.

Nice looking wallpaper in the children's room

In the room where the child spends most of his time, everything should be perfect - from the materials used to the color palette

Criteria for choosing wallpaper for a nursery

Finishing materials are selected, focusing primarily on the taste of the child. Only the smallest have not formed taste preferences. An independent choice is provided to a child from the age of 12, if he has an artistic taste. Cloths attracting in a roll can oppress on the wall. Have to go to the store again.

Light wallpaper in a cozy room for a newborn

The best solution for a small child’s room is wallpaper in a warm pastel color.

Wallpaper selection for a little nursery

The laws of space adjustment are valid for all types of premises: light colors visually expand the space, dark ones reduce it. For small rooms, it is advisable to choose:

  • spraying;
  • multi-colored spray;
  • small geometric pattern;
  • monophonic options;
  • a small strip in a single palette without contrasting fragments.

In small rooms inappropriate large drawings, murals with characters, animals. Valid natural scenery on one of the walls.

Wallpaper options depending on the gender of the child

The stereotype that boys prefer blue, and girls pink, has long been outdated. It is better when choosing a wall roll finish to start from the colors of furniture, floor, ceiling.

Bright geometric print wallpaper

The nature of the child is the main thing to consider when choosing wallpaper for a child’s room

Options for a boy

Young men prefer cold tones, applications on a monophonic background, space and sea themes.

Blue wallpaper print in a boy's room

Cool shades of gray, green or blue are suitable for boys.

Soccer field on the wallpaper in the boy’s room

An interesting option would be wallpaper with photo printing that meets the interests of the child

Wallpaper for girls

Stylish princesses, little animals are interested in young ladies up to 7-10 years. It is advisable to choose warm background shades. For middle-aged girls, a delicate floral print, strip, is acceptable.

Stretch ceiling in the bedroom of the girl

Beautiful wallpaper with butterflies in a little girl’s room

Room decoration for a teenage girl

Paper wallpaper with a light print in the room of a teenage girl

Wallpaper for heterosexual children in one room

The best option for zoning - murals, to each his own. The weather and the twins can be done with a common finish in the same style, individuality compensated by decoction.

Small print on blue wallpaper in the nursery

Wallpaper in a calm tone with a fine pattern is equally suitable for girls and boys.

Different wallpapers in the bedroom of heterosexual children

In a room for heterosexual children, wallpaper colors can be used for zoning a room

The choice of wallpaper depending on the age of the child

A child of any age will react well to a light finish. Toddlers choose wallpaper with pictures, little schoolchildren are interested in educational wallpapers. Teenagers should be given the right to make independent choices.If you choose the wrong wallpaper, you can close the pictures and posters.

The interior of the bedroom for the girl in a fairy style

For the room of a little princess, fabulous wallpaper with a picture of a castle is suitable

Blue wallpaper in the bedroom of a schoolboy boy

School children can choose their own wallpaper in their room, you just need to talk to them

Wallpaper for a different style of interior

Following the latest fashion trends, you can pick up stylized options. Although a win-win option does not age - laconic drawings on a light background or plain walls in soft shades of natural tones.

Loft style room with brick wallpaper

Wallpaper under a brick will create a popular loft interior in a children's room

Wooden shelf on the wall of the room for the baby

Scandinavian-style kids room with old-style wallpaper

Striped wallpaper in a teenager boy's room

Wallpaper with smooth horizontal stripes is suitable for the interior in a minimalist style.

When choosing modern wallpaper for the nursery, where it is planned to arrange stylish furniture, it is worth considering the recommendations of interior designers. Fashionable styles require a special approach.


It’s easy to imagine a beautiful nursery: avant-garde furniture with transformers, monophonic wallpaper of non-standard colors. Another option is possible: complete immersion in nature: furniture made from environmentally friendly materials, textured wallpaper for plaster or brickwork, plus several applications or fragmentary use of photo wallpaper - this is still for children.

Decoration of the accent wall of the children's room with photo wallpaper

Teenagers like photo prints.


For classics, colors that imitate a fabric pattern or plain, with a smooth texture, are suitable. The colors are chosen to match the wooden furniture. Depending on the texture of the wood, light shades of burgundy, terracotta or baked milk are chosen.

Paper wallpaper for the nursery in the style of the classics

Classic-style kids room with wallpapers matched to the colors of furniture and textiles

High tech

High-tech style provides for walls, interior items of an unusual shape using metal decorative elements, accessories. Following the latest design developments, the finish is chosen with the principles of rigor and balance in everything. Ergonomics come first.

High-tech style kids room wallpaper

High-tech room for two children with geometric wallpaper


A good option for a girl, a baby of any gender is Provence - the style of a French village. Artificially aged light furniture is combined with a small floral print of muted natural shades: olive, lavender, tobacco, pale terracotta or pink. Provence requires space, textiles with floral decor from wildflowers, yellow sunny background.

Small flowers on the wallpaper in the nursery

A romantic setting is easy to create using floral paper wallpapers.

Bright pop art - the choice of active children engaged in creativity. Comic book characters on murals, or textured wallpapers of contrasting colors or colorful ornaments, are balanced by modular furniture in low-key tones, in harmony with the main color of the decoration.

Pop art room decor

In the style of pop art, instead of wallpaper, you can use bright posters and posters.

Interesting wallpaper options for children

On the sites you can find children's designer wallpapers that turn the room into a rainforest, many options for marine and space themes. Digital combinations and butterflies look original. Often wall murals replace art painting or duplicate the colors of curtains. Manufacturers replicate cartoon characters. Of the toys and live animals, hares and bears are the most popular.

Wallpaper with hares

The abundance of colors is amazing. You can choose canvases with photographs of live animals solo and in the ensemble, drawn, stylized, there are graphic options.

Children's wallpaper with bunnies and balloons

Wallpaper with painted hares - a suitable option for a room of a preschool child

A distinctive feature of the wallpaper with hares for the nursery is the background warm pastel colors.

Paints of drawings on children's wallpapers do not act annoyingly, finishing materials are made in soothing colors. You can decorate one or all the walls in the room.

Wallpaper with bears

In the plot compositions, the popular Teddy bear is in the lead, this is explained by the fact that the products of Western manufacturers are widely represented on the market. Classic plush brothers are noticeably inferior to a bear with a patch on his forehead. Wallpaper with bears for a children's room is made in gray or beige colors, you can find blue options with lilac drawing of figures.

Cots in the room with bears on the wallpaper

Wallpaper with cute bears in a cozy bedroom for kids

Plain wallpaper

Bright furniture, the original shape of the wall will be emphasized by plain wallpaper for the nursery. Psychologists believe that the drawings on the walls are able to tire phlegmatic people. When choosing solid finishes, you can shift the emphasis on toys, textiles. If desired, plain surfaces can be supplemented with decor applications.

White circles on the yellow wall of the nursery

Simple drawings in the form of geometric shapes can be drawn with your own hands with your child.

For children choose fruit and watercolor tones: peach, apricot, light orange, lemon.

A monochromatic finish does not seem boring if you combine different shades, make a transition or contrast.

Different wallpapers in a room with a bunk bed

In the interior of one room, you can combine wallpapers with different patterns


It is worth paying for wallpaper coloring, this is an option for preschoolers. Black and white contours on the walls, children are happy to paint with felt-tip pens and markers, wax crayons. A safe field for creativity helps the child to develop harmoniously, to train motor skills. For self-expression, such wallpapers can be used to decorate rooms for two children of different ages or different ages. Each will issue a personal corner to his taste, there will be a feeling of personal space.

Coloring wallpaper in the little girl’s room

An interesting solution to decorating a nursery will be wallpaper coloring

Educational wallpapers with a map of the starry sky, hemispheres, pictures of birds, animals have become a good novelty. Variants with the alphabet and numbers develop a spatial orientation.

Political map of the world on the wall of a children's bedroom

Wall mural with a world map in a room of a school age boy

Video: Options for wallpaper in the nursery

Photos of the design of a nursery with wallpaper on the walls

Photo printing capabilities expand the creative range of parents, adolescents, independently choosing the theme of room design. A selection of the best children's wallpaper photos is a good example to follow. Perhaps their own design ideas for interior design.

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