Options for choosing stylish and eco-friendly furniture for a children's room

The design of the children's room depends on the number of children. If the child is alone, provide for the zonal division of space. When there are two or three children, everyone needs to highlight a personal corner. An important aspect is the filling of the room, the nursery should have everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Furnishing a children's room in a modern style

The selection of furniture for a children's room is a serious and at the same time fascinating occupation.

Basic requirements for the selection of children's furniture

Choosing furniture in the nursery, are guided by the following criteria:

  • functionality, there must be a sleeping and working place, furniture for storing clothes, shoes, other things;
  • security;
  • practicality, furniture should not be afraid of moisture, detergents.

Interior items should be in harmony with the decoration of the walls, floor, ceiling.

A long white table in the student’s room

Before you design a children's room, you must evaluate the space and features of the room

Only with the proper selection of furniture creates a comfortable environment for the child.

The choice of furniture depending on the age of the child

The baby needs only a small bed, a changing table. Together with your son, go daughter, your needs grow. First, everything necessary for games appears in the room, then for study.

Soft mat on the floor of the room for the newborn

In the spacious room there is a place for a crib and a changing table, arrangement of a comfortable play area

For a newborn baby

Recently, young mothers have preferred transformers, from two in one, ending with models with eightfold transformation. This is an adjustable sleeping berth, changing table, deep playpen, shelves for storing clothes and much more.

Crib with chest of drawers for baby

A convertible bed with convenient drawers will be the best option for a small room

For preschooler

A small folding or integral highchair will suit the baby up to 3 years. Then you will need a small table for drawing, modeling, a cabinet for toys. It is advisable for children to choose plain furniture in bright colors.

Children's wooden table for a three-year-old child

The drawing table should be equipped with drawers and compartments for storing paints, felt-tip pens and pencils

For a schoolboy

A small folding table is enough for an elementary school student to complete the lessons. An older child will need an adjustable desk. The volume of clothes, shoes is growing, books are appearing. There should be a full place to sleep.

School desk for a child of school age

School desk with adjustable height and tilt countertops provide the student with a comfortable workplace

For teenager

In the apartment, growing up children become full owners. They have their own interests, hobbies, for them it is necessary to provide a place in the nursery. Preferences are given to functional modules, transformers.

Cabinet furniture in the room of a teenage girl

When arranging a teenager’s room, it’s important to consider the opinion of the owner of the room

It is better to invite them to develop an interesting design on their own. This will help strengthen parent-child relationships.

The choice depending on the gender of the child

Taste preferences are formed in deep childhood. But it is important for parents to consider the volume of things stored in the room. Girls and boys have different interests, lifestyle.

Pull-out beds in a bedroom of same-sex children

Podium with pull-out beds - a great solution in terms of space saving

Furniture for girls

A stylish boudoir zone is provided in the stylish walls. Teenage girls need a large mirror or trellis. Girl's wardrobe is voluminous. The room should have a place for hairpins, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume. The interior is created in soft colors, much attention is paid to textiles. The bed can be replaced with a sofa, the chair with a soft ottoman.

Furniture for a girl’s room in the neoclassical style

A neoclassical girl’s room with a long table combining the functions of a writing and dressing tables

Furniture for a boy

The boy has a small wardrobe, but a lot of sports equipment. He does not need a large mirror, instead of a bedside table you can nail shelves. Boys prefer collapsible modules so that the bed for a day is cleaned without unnecessary trouble. Young men prefer laconicism, rigor, practicality.

Bright scandi style nursery with play area

Scandinavian-style children's room for a little boy, the emphasis of which is on a spacious space for games

For heterosexual children

A set of furniture is chosen in a neutral shade, because everyone has their own preferences. Sets of children's furniture for three with corner beds will diversify with textiles, additional accessories. For the design of individual zones of the room apply wallpaper with photo printing.

Quilts of different colors on the beds of heterosexual children.

While the children are small, each of them will need a separate place to sleep, and the play area can be shared.

Bed attic for two heterosexual children

When children grow up, each child will need a separate space for classes.

Each child chooses a design to his taste.

Furniture Choices

Children's rooms are undesirable to clutter up. Furniture is selected so that the child has only the most necessary. The main criterion is functionality. Beautiful, but rarely used items are best removed. The child must move freely in his room.

Modular furniture in a schoolgirl's room

Modular furniture helps organize space with maximum efficiency.

Yellow wall in the nursery with modular furniture

Modular systems are compact and mobile, they can be rearranged at your discretion

Corner wardrobe in a set of children's furniture

From individual modules you can assemble your own combination of furniture, and later remove unnecessary or add new items


Manufacturers offer a wide selection of cribs and beds. There are two-tier options for brothers and sisters. For babies, sleeping areas are equipped with railing. For children, they get podium designs and chair beds. In a small room, transformers are acceptable, loft beds with a convenient staircase.

Beautiful bed in two girls room

Bunk bed saves space for play area

Gray bed with drawers

A teenager can already choose an adult bed model

When choosing a sleeping place for a child, it must be borne in mind that children not only sleep on beds, but also sit. Frames must be resistant to sagging.


A central interior item - a wardrobe for clothes, shoes and other things is chosen taking into account the needs of the child. Coupe - a practical model, provides a rational use of space, helps to zon the shelves when there are many children. Cabinets with swing doors require a lot of space. Convenient oval designs with mirrors, angular modular systems.

Bright furniture for the girl’s room

Cabinets with bright anime print in the room of a teenage girl

It is better to choose a bookcase with opaque lower doors, so that everything unnecessary can be hidden from view. Open top shelves are allowed; they can store something in designer boxes.


For students, it is better to choose models with an adjustable tilt, the height of the countertop. The kids are set up with plastic light tables, which the children move on their own. In cramped conditions, tables-tables with a retractable worktop come to the rescue. Recently, L and T-shaped designs are popular. Such a table can be put in a room where two or three children live.

Table for occupations along the children's window in the loft style

The best place for a desk is in front of the room window.

Tables are better to set face or end to the front door, not far from the window, so that light falls from the side of the hand with which the child writes.


In the children's room, seating is required. It can be chairs, banquets, soft padded stools. It is advisable for girls to provide a dressing table with a mirror, for boys - a place for sports equipment, home exercise equipment. In small rooms, folding chairs are preferable, which are easy to clean as unnecessary.

Swedish wall in the room of a schoolboy boy

In a spacious room, you should think about organizing a sports area

Chests and pencil cases help to keep things in order. It is worth worrying about a bedside table or bedside table, if space permits. All kinds of hinged shelves make the interior cozy, help save space.

Built-in wardrobes in the student’s room

To solve the problem of storing a large number of things allows practical built-in furniture

Armchairs are appropriate only in large children's rooms, they are installed in the play area. When there are no owners, plush animals or dolls live on soft seats.

Little girl in a soft frameless chair

An excellent choice for the play area would be a frameless bag chair

Options for eco-friendly furniture for children

Interior items are made only from chemically neutral materials that do not emit aromatic hydrocarbons. Furniture is highly durable. For the manufacture of eco-friendly materials:

  • solid wood, use coniferous and deciduous wood;
  • particle boards with resin binders;
  • metal;
  • polymer plastic of various densities.

With the help of these materials you can create any design, a wide range of colors is possible.

The furniture is complemented by anti-slip elements, for kids round off sharp corners, make streamlined shapes.

Three-color table in the boy's room

For young children it is better to choose models with rounded corners

Ergonomic design, combinatoriality is considered a feature of children's cabinet furniture. For small spaces, modules with a sliding or mobile berth, a convenient table are convenient. A variety of furniture in the children's room photo for girls was created taking into account the abundance of outfits, cosmetics, accessories. Boys are provided with more space for creativity, physical education.

Wooden furniture in a room for two children

Wooden bunk bed with comfortable drawers in the steps

Children's wooden furniture for a small room

Compact solid pine headset with corner computer desk

Although adults are involved in the design of children's rooms, it is advisable to take into account the taste preferences of the child, especially temperament. For phlegmatic people choose calm colors. Sanguine people value rationality; choleric people need an environment for imagination. It is advisable for melancholy people to add bright colors.

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Photos of beautiful and original examples of the interior of the nursery with furniture

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