Interior design with bright wallpaper in the living room

Making out a drawing room, it is necessary to decide on the choice of wall-paper. Take into account the degree of illumination, the dimensions of the room, the desired style. Having preferred light shades, the interior is filled with freshness, elegance. Combination is becoming a popular combination, regardless of the size of the room. Using geometric shapes, you can create an exclusive decoration of the living room. A relaxed atmosphere is easily achieved by choosing wallpaper under bright furniture in the living room. An interesting performance will emphasize the individuality of the landlord.

wallpaper in the living room with a geometric pattern

The most important thing in choosing wallpaper for the living room is that they fit the style of the interior in the apartment or house.

Actual design of the living room with bright wallpaper

A selection of interesting photographs will help to properly equip a room.

Using light canvases in a tandem of dark furniture details, brown flooring, an unusual style is obtained.

white wallpaper in the living room

A light shade of the walls visually expands the room, and neutral tones are easily combined with the color of furniture, textiles and decor.

Below is a classic project of light wallpaper with a picture of vegetation.

wallpaper in the living room with vegetation

Choosing wallpaper in the living room is better than more elegant than in the bedroom or the nursery, without going beyond the interior design of the apartment.

Thanks to the use of material imitating brickwork, a separate sofa zone can be distinguished.

living room wallpaper

The living room is the center of the house. It not only receives guests, but often the whole family spends their leisure time.

Advantages, disadvantages of light wallpaper in the living room

A certain palette of shades affects the general condition of a person, affecting the mood, improves or decreases performance. Similarly with white wallpapers, which have a calming effect, having a positive effect. Such a room, filled with light, seems visually expanded. Rest in it will be held in comfort. It is recommended to slightly dilute light colors with bright colors on the curtains, parts of the furniture set. Excessive presence of white can have the opposite effect, causing boredom, sadness.

wallpaper in the living room

To create a harmonious interior, you should think in advance of the color and style of not only wallpaper, but also furniture, as well as other interior items.

This gamut harmoniously combines with all the colors of the rainbow. Complementing the universal light tone with various curtains, decor - you get a new design that does not require the application of costs, efforts.

wallpaper in the interior of the living room

It is important that they combine with each other, and not look like a simple set of necessary things.

The advantage of wallpaper intended for painting is neutrality, due to which, after a while, you can change the situation, covering them with your favorite paint.

wallpaper in the living room for painting

A reasonable amount of elegant decor items, selected in the style of the room, on the contrary will add coziness and make the interior more interesting.

The disadvantage of light coatings is excessive pollution. For decorating a room, it is better to choose vinyl washable linens that are resistant to moisture and cleaning.

vinyl wallpaper in the living room

A light ceiling also visually increases the space and height of the walls.

Also, do not oversaturate the room with snow-white walls, reflecting the sun's rays - this will cause a person's eye strain, eye strain. The design layout should have a middle ground. Stop your choice on a beige ceiling, plain surface.

light wallpaper in the living room

The room, designed in bright colors, becomes spacious, comfortable and bright.

Popular light shades of wallpaper in the living room, ornaments 2019

The trends of the current year remain plant motifs. They are expressed in the form of flowering plants, gardens, parkland, deciduous forest. Pictures can be performed by wild jungle, original compositions, bouquets in vases. You can combine several types. Such decoration will bring juicy colors to the space.

wallpaper in the living room nature

A successful solution for a bright living room is simple functional furniture, which does not take up much space.

Leading positions hold geometric lines. The main role is given to honeycombs, hexagons. Selecting a wallpaper is based on the overall picture of space. The image is also duplicated in the upholstery of furniture, home textiles. This will allow you to divide the area into functional areas. Canvases of a multi-colored structure with rhombuses, zigzags help to turn a bold idea into reality. The pasted part of the wall with this product will attract attention, will become the main accent of the room. A win-win option would be an abstraction of different designs.

wallpaper cv living room with abstract pattern

Using the color of wall coverings and its saturation, you can create various interior effects.

At the peak of fashion, drawings of beautiful flowers are kept. Today, the design is popular in the English style, based on images of rose bushes. For every taste of the buyer, there are options with exotic plants, blurred garden flowers. A real sketch will enliven the room.

wallpaper in the living room with flowers

Pink combined with white form a romantic, lightweight design; peach or raspberry flowers will also look good on a white background.

Drawings of animals are suitable for any residential home. Retro style canvases are relevant today, filling the room with special sophistication, charm. Animals can be placed over the entire surface.

wallpaper in the living room with animals

White furniture against a bright background will look original and stylish.

Colorful butterflies, ocean fish, colorful birds - attract the attention of nature lovers, painting. They look on a separate wall. The precisely outlined silhouette of a deer, wild boar, fox will emphasize the minimalism of the room.

living room wallpaper with birds

Colored wallpaper in the living room will give the mood to the room and refresh the atmosphere.

An excellent option for those who dream of masonry in the apartment will be an imitation of wallpaper under a stone, wood. Products are similar to natural material.

What types of wallpaper to choose

A modern living room is a place where family and friends gather. She is given an honorable role in the design. Here, varieties of wallpaper are suitable, differing among themselves in the basis, pasting technology and operation. What wallpaper to choose for the living room, the question is complex. Based on personal preferences, finances.

Non-woven fabrics

This material is made on the basis of cellulose fibers bonded with a special polymer. Top covered with vinyl. Due to its strong properties, such wallpapers have strength, lightness, long service life. They do not stretch, do not deform under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. They are easy to glue, remove. In most cases, they are used for painting.

non-woven wallpaper in the living room

In most cases, such wallpapers are used for painting.

There are models with an ornament, without it. Produced on the basis of several layers, the upper layer can be corrugated. The unique structure creates a three-dimensional illusion, depth. Interior decoration material provides sound insulation with a breathable surface. The composition does not contain chemical additives, so it is harmless to health.

Paper wallpaper

They are a classic for the living room.The name talks about using paper as a base. They are subject to moisture. Caring for them is not difficult. It is enough to clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner. A huge range of products allows you to create any plan. May be embossed, smooth texture.

paper wallpaper in the living room

A variety of colors and patterns allows you to choose the right design for any interior, whether it be classic or modern style.

The main advantage is:

  • ease of pasting, accessible to everyone;
  • ability to pass a stream of air;
  • mold and fungus do not form under the material;
  • environmental friendliness.

You can pick up single-layer and two-layer types, embossed, moisture-resistant with special varnish.


A kind of wallpaper consisting of a paper base. On which the textile is applied. It can be a single piece, individual threads interconnected. Depending on the fiber used, the external design changes. A distinctive feature is their beauty.

fabric wallpaper in the living room

Serve as additional insulation against noise, keeping warm.

Natural purity wins the hearts of nature lovers. They circulate air well. Thick light wallpaper in the living room will create an absorbing effect. Another advantage is the bactericidal effect on the body. A microbial barrier is created.

Other species

Liquid wallpaper

Outwardly they are similar to plaster. Dry mixes are on sale, diluted with water. The composition contains cellulose, silk threads, decorative elements, protective substances that protect the product from decay.

liquid wallpaper in the living room

Liquid wallpaper in the interior is a popular material for decorating the surface of walls.

They have a wide range of applications, ranging from residential premises to commercial structures. The advantage is the lack of seams.

Natural coatings

Made from bamboo, natural ingredients. Dried plant trunks are interwoven between the fibers.

bamboo wallpaper in the living room

It is not necessary to completely paste over the entire living room with bamboo wallpaper; one wall or a section is sufficient.

Creating an original interior, resistance to fading in the sun - these characteristics distinguish them from the general background.

Metallic Wallpaper

An excellent solution for connoisseurs of high-tech. Non-woven particles coated with aluminum foil act as a substrate. Silver or bronze embossing is done on top.

wallpaper in the living room

Although metallized wallpapers are slightly different in structure from any others, they still have much in common with paper or non-woven.

Such products will last for more than a dozen years without losing their original appearance.


Manufacturing technology includes a glass weaving technique.

wallpaper in the interior of the living room

The best option for a new building, which shrinks. Demanded for office decoration.

After pasting, it is necessary to paint the surface with water paint. The term of operation is up to thirty years. Non-combustible fiberglass does not cause allergic reactions.


They occupy a separate niche, with the help of which it is easy to transfer any picture to the walls. They have a self-adhesive base.

photo wallpaper in the living room

Wall mural very refresh the interior of the living room.

Living room interior with dark furniture and bright wallpaper.

With high ceilings, you can transform the modern interior, giving a decisive role to dark furniture in the contrast of light wallpaper. The photo shows several textures.

living room wallpaper

The white color of the walls in the interior will fill the room with air, it can be combined with any colors in the interior.

The combination of different dark surfaces disposes to rest, relaxation. The skillful use of a brown tint creates a harmonious composition. The combined ensemble represents a single whole. A harmony of contrasts is created, turning the room into a complex. The main focus is the wallpaper on the walls, the color of the furniture.

wallpaper in the interior of the living room

For interiors in a classic style, wallpapers with a gilded relief pattern are suitable.

To summarize, mural wallpaper is striking in variety.When choosing a finishing material, pay attention to quality, aesthetic properties. Fashion trends allow you to move on the same wave of design decisions.

living room wallpaper ideas ideas

The combination in the living room of light-colored wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern and dark furniture gives expressiveness to the interior.

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