Basic rules for creating an interior in the living room entrance

Layout with a living room through passage - not a rare option. How to make the interior comfortable and beautiful? How to make all furniture fit between door and window openings? We will try to answer these questions.

Beautiful living room aisle type

When designing a walk-through living room, the purpose of the room and the location of the doors must be

Features a multi-exit living room

A walk-through living room eliminates the use of standard interior solutions. First of all, you will have to take into account some nuances:

  1. Door installation options.
  2. The quality of the floor.
  3. Arrangement of furniture.
  4. Zoning.

If you find for yourself the answer to each of the above questions, then you are guaranteed to be able to create a functional and stylish interior.

Leather armchair in the corner of the living room

Even a small passage room can be functional and comfortable if it is rational to use literally every centimeter of available space.

Zoning correctly

This is another important point in the design of the passage room. The presence of two or more doors requires additional efforts to not only fit all the interior elements you need, but also to create the necessary zones. Remember, zoning does not imply a strong difference between each site. On the contrary, they must either be made in the same style and color, or differ, but slightly.

White doors in the living room

A fairly convenient option is the doors on different walls, but in one corner. In this case, a sofa installed at a certain distance from the corner of the room is suitable as a zoning element.

Gray curtain on the ceiling of the passage of the living room

You can divide the room into zones using curtains or sliding partitions

Most often, in such living rooms the borders are determined by special lighting or color. These are the so-called visual restrictions that do not require additional elements or furniture. The number of zones and their purpose should be considered in advance.

Bright floor in the passage room of the apartment

The zones in the room should not differ much from each other

Book storage in a sliding wardrobe with glass doors

Largest pieces of furniture should not block the passage between rooms

Doorway location options

There are not so many interior design options for a walk-through living room. Each of them is determined depending on the location of the openings. Let's analyze in more detail:

  • Parallel arrangement of doorways. In this case, it is recommended to visually divide the room into several segments. In the first let there be a TV, shelves and a rack. Furniture should allow free movement, which means that you need to choose it of a suitable size and properly positioned in the living room. In the next segment, other pieces of furniture will “settle”. One sofa, a pair of armchairs and a table will be enough. If the TV is placed opposite the window, there should be dark curtains for easy viewing.

    Wide doorway between the kitchen and the living room

    Important is not only the location of the doorways, but also their width and the distance between them

  • Diagonal. This is a headache for designers. This arrangement is considered the most unsuccessful in the passage room. It minimizes functional space. Alternatively, the TV is located next to the wall where the door is, and the sofa and table are located opposite.

    Square shaped living room sofa

    If the room area allows, the sofa can be placed at some distance from the wall, leaving room for easy access

  • Openings on one wall. In the case of a walk-through living room - this is the best option.As a result, only one corner is inconvenient, and the entire area is used quite functionally. A TV and several shelves are placed on the wall with openings, and the wall opposite is completely occupied by furniture. Ultimately, a lot depends on how far apart the doors are from each other. Perhaps, in addition to the TV and shelves, you will be able to place a fireplace there as well. “One-sided openings” leave the entire space free - this is the main advantage.

    Black door in the living room wall

    It is important to decide what doors will be in the living room - hinged or sliding, deaf or glass, dark or light

Living room decor

The secret to the professional design of the entrance room is this: every centimeter should be used efficiently. And this is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Living room decor with contrasting walls

When decorating a living room, the main thing is that there is no “busting”

Just a few life hacks:

  • No one has yet canceled the symmetry. If the doorways are located on the same wall, try to make the space between them accentuated. An alternative solution is to place the same decor or accessories on both sides of the door. Thus, a balanced design is created.

    Decorating the interior of the living room aisle type

    Stylish decor between the two doors in the living room

  • No need to be afraid of open space. Just a few little tricks will make the space free and airy. For example, the doorway between the living room and the bedroom can be decorated with sliding doors, and the adjacent wall is decorated with glass inserts.

    Zoning the room with a glass partition

    The glass partition retains natural light, and for privacy, you can add a dense curtain

  • Experiment. The fact that many owners of walk-through living rooms have already managed to create a creative and functional interior should inspire you. Believe me, if at the moment the design of the living room with doorways leaves much to be desired, this does not mean that nothing can be changed. For example, move the doorway and leave part of the passage area under the corridor. Believe me, the result will please you. Just remember that this kind of redevelopment and manipulation of the bearing walls require permits. It is not worth acting to circumvent generally accepted norms, otherwise as a result it will cost even more.

    Dark floor in the corridor of the apartment

    Separate the entrance area from the living room with a small partition

  • Finally, combine the corridor with the living room. Such a “move” will significantly expand the space.

    Wardrobe partition between hallway and living room

    With the role of the partition between the living room and the corridor, the wardrobe

Design rules

In order for a living room with several doorways to look spacious and comfortable, certain rules must be observed. We’ll immediately clarify that the options for arranging furniture for ordinary rooms are inappropriate here.

Cozy small living room

The arrangement of furniture in the living room entrance completely depends on the location of the doors

First of all, designers recommend making the room as light as possible. Let there be more glass and glossy surfaces. Those walls that are not load-bearing are advised to be replaced with glass partitions.

Black sofa in a white walk-through living room

The smaller the room, the more light shades should be in its interior

Observe the measure for zoning. You should not "split" the living room into many small "closets", select only those areas that you really need. In the case when the living room is intended only for the reception of guests and family gatherings, it is better to do without partitions altogether. And even visual boundaries are better not to use.

Linear lights on the white ceiling of the living room

Sliding doors significantly save space and are easy to use

When distributing pieces of furniture, remember that the main thing is freedom and ease of movement around the room. Refuse voluminous and massive interior elements. Prefer lightweight and functional designs. By the way, large chandeliers, although they look luxurious, are absolutely not suitable for walk-in living rooms.Refuse them, and replace them with concise floor lamps or sconces.

Green sofa in the living room with two doors

Arrange furniture items so that a person passing through a room does not interfere with other family members

The advantage of the passage room in the usual "Khrushchev" is a large window. Having decorated it with air curtain, you will visually make the room even more spacious. And if you place a glossy or mirror partition exactly opposite the window, the light will be twice as much due to the reflection effect. In addition, the space can be increased by connecting to the living room kitchen.

Mirror cabinet in the red living room

Also, a sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors will cope with the role of a space expander.

Since the main problem with passage rooms is a few doors, try to disguise them. A common way is decorating for furniture. For example, paint on the walls with a continuation of the pictorial elements on the door. Only this must be done as carefully as possible so that the door does not become an inappropriate accent. In general, painting and painting on walls and doors helps create truly unique “living” interiors.

Invisible door in the living room

Wall door - the easiest solution to mask the doorway

Another way to breathe life into the interior is a mural. For a walk-through living room, this is one of the most suitable options. The picture makes the room more spacious.

Small living room with murals on the wall

Photowall-paper usually place on an accent wall of a drawing room

Stylish wallpaper with perspective in the living room.

Photo printing on the wallpaper should fit the style of the room

If you prefer to use ordinary wallpaper for wall decoration, remember that a large picture on the wallpaper or on the curtains “steals” the space. Therefore, it is better to choose either monophonic options, or colors with small elements.

Another trick: if you choose a laminate for the floor, do not put it along the walls, it is better to place this material diagonally. The same principle applies to tiles. And one more “golden rule” of finishing works: light shades increase the space, and dark shades make it smaller.

Girl with a book in the living room

Diagonal laying of any flooring helps to visually enlarge the room

By the way, the choice of material for finishing the floor in the living room is not such a simple task as it seems at first glance. First of all, it must withstand severe loads. It is in the living room that there are most people, not only calm gatherings and quiet family evenings, but also holidays with music and dancing are possible. Therefore, the coating should be comfortable, warm, resistant to mechanical stress and outwardly attractive.

Laminate floor in a walk-through living room

As a floor covering for the living room, a laminate is often chosen

Most often, a laminate or parquet is chosen for the living room. Less often, ceramic tiles, linoleum and bulk floors are preferred. All of the above materials are easy to care for. A carpet is not considered the most suitable material for the living room for several reasons. Firstly, it is trampled down quickly enough. And, secondly, the material requires special care, it needs to be cleaned, and sometimes washed. Such procedures require additional effort and cost.

Variegated rug in the living area of ​​the room

It will be much easier to care for a small rug, which will add to the interior comfort and home warmth.

If you really want a carpet in the interior of the living room, select a small one and place it next to the sofa or armchairs.

As you can see, the living room passage is not a reason to think that a stylish and cozy interior is not your story. A little imagination and courage for unusual experiments will allow you to turn a standard living room into a luxurious room for the reception of dear guests.

Video review of the living room interior

Photo examples of arranging walk-through living rooms

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