Tips for choosing a wall design in a modern style living room

For a new TV or home theater, you need a wall in the living room in a modern style. Dimensional furniture is suitable for storing not only audio and video equipment, but also other interior items. Convenient organization of space will add coziness so that home leisure becomes even more pleasant for the owners and their guests.

Black wall in the interior of a modern living room

Simplicity and comfort are the main criteria for choosing modern furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages of the wall in the living room of a modern style

It is difficult to imagine modern life without the opportunity to get together for watching movies together and having fun with music and multimedia gadgets. Beautiful furniture provides the perfect combination of functionality and style. Roomy shelves with up to 80-inch TV space are indispensable in every home. A very wide range is available and each option has its pros and cons.

Bright wall in the living room of a two-room apartment

The wall in a modern style has many advantages

The advantages include:

  1. Convenient zoning thanks to compact rows of shelves, drawers and even cabinets. Storage and demonstration of your favorite things will become even more pleasant.
  2. The availability of modifications due to mobile kits, which can be interchanged and supplemented if necessary.
  3. Suitable even for a small room. The practical slide replaced bulky and dusty furniture, which occupied half of the living space. A new interpretation of the recreation area has made room for more visitors.
  4. The construction and design become even more interesting due to the variety of materials, shapes and colors for every taste and budget.
  5. Ease of delivery and assembly. For this, it is not necessary to hire qualified help, since if you have only a couple of tools, energy and good quick wit, any adult can install the wall.

The strongest impressions of the home are created in his heart - the living room. Aesthetics and technical equipment turn the recreation area into a home installation that expresses the taste and character of those who live in it.

Bookcase in a modern living room

The choice of wall for the living room is largely determined by what is planned to be stored in it. For example, it could be a system for hosting a home library

The disadvantages include the need to periodically clean the external and internal compartments. This is especially boring for owners of large models, who are forced to do wet cleaning almost every day. From this point of view, dirt will be less noticeable on matte and light cabinet furniture, unlike glossy and black furniture, which attracts dust and fingerprints like a magnet.

Small wall in a small room

When choosing furniture for the living room, it is necessary to consider the quality of products, the configuration of the sections and the dimensions of the room

Types of walls

In total there are three main types of modern walls in the living room: straight, corner and slide. The situation in the hall should first of all correspond to its area, so that people can move freely, without knocking on hard, glass and sharp edges, without breaking or dropping anything.This is not difficult to achieve, since there is an unlimited variety of forms and constructive solutions in stores. Therefore, to begin with, it is worth deciding in which place it will stand.

Black and white wall on a brown background

Modern walls can be found in quite interesting solutions that allow you to create an original design of the living room


The design of furniture for the living room does not go without an emphasis on TV and audio system. Home cinemas are notable for their rather high price, technical complexity, often have impressive weight and size, which requires additional measures for their reliable installation. Thus, the straight walls have the shape of a frame with a large niche in the middle, accommodating, depending on the model, LCD screen up to 80 inches.

Straight wall with black and white facades

A straight wall means a set of furniture installed along one wall of a living room

TV manufacturers indicate the dimensions of the product in centimeters (type designations - WxHxD) separately from the screen size (in inches), so it is important not to confuse them so that the niche fits in size. It is better to let it be a little more than smaller or back to back. Too much emptiness also seems illogical.

Other compartments are open shelves, closed cabinets, transparent display cases, pencil cases and even full-fledged wardrobes.


The corner wall is suitable if the windows are not opposite or are sufficiently tightly curtained from the sun so that glare on the screen does not interfere with viewing programs. The design looks very interesting, where the L-shaped headset and the corner sofa stand in parallel (like yin-yang). The space between them can be filled with ottomans and a coffee table, which are easily cleaned to the side when you want to stretch a little, dance or do yoga, for example.

Wall with corner cupboard in a bright living room

The corner model helps free up space for other interior items.

Such kits can also not be called compact, depending on the size, they will occupy both walls in whole or in part. But thanks to the large wardrobe and deep chest of drawers will be indispensable in a studio apartment or studio.

Corner wall with direct sofa

Combined corner wall model with a comfortable sofa

Wall slide

Unlike a simple wall in a room in a modern style, the slide has neither a chest of drawers nor a wardrobe, in general there is no compartment where you can put clothes or hang clothes. This name for the furniture was inherited from distant relatives in the form of buffets with dishes arranged in several rows, that is, a slide. Since then, the main attributes of such sets have remained glass windows of a semicircular or curved shape, which may also include a minibar, open shelves, a bookcase.

Modern wall slide

Thanks to its compact appearance, the wall-slide fits perfectly into small living rooms

The dimensions are rather modest, because their main purpose is to store cute trinkets, photo frames, albums, rare books, souvenirs or even toys.

Hanging pencil cases on the wall in the living room

Wall-case is suitable for a room in which it is simply impossible to place large furniture

The style of the walls in the living room of a modern type

In some parts of the world, the word “modern” is considered abusive. There is a belief that the current design of living rooms lacks individuality. But this is an erroneous opinion, because the hall may well become the central room, the most comfortable and warm in the house, even without the use of special frills, as in traditional classical styles.

High classic wall in the hall of a modern apartment

Classical furniture has sophistication and visual lightness; expensive models are made of fine wood

High-tech wall with glass facades

The exact opposite of the classics is high-tech furniture. In the photo, a stylish model with tinted glass facades, complemented by decorative lighting


A characteristic feature is the abundance of unusual openwork shapes and colors, smooth but rather ornate lines, an abundance of light flares due to the generous use of various decorations, rhinestones and sparkles, glass and mirrors,varnished and carefully processed surfaces.

Interesting wall model for a large living room

Art Nouveau wall slide with handleless facades


While others are trying to hide or embellish such industrial building materials as metal, brick and concrete, this design is the most honest and revealing. He stands proudly at his raw and unfinished appearance. Key elements in seemingly unprocessed surfaces. Metal panels, aged wood and simple accessories add texture to give the interior more depth than bright paint. It is very simple, but the result is amazing ... A warehouse in simple and natural shades has become fashionable.

Compact loft-style living room wall

The wall in industrial style resembles production racks, which is essentially


Clean and streamlined, minimalism is characterized by a neutral color palette, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. The most common features are white facades and neutral tones. The words "elegant", "smooth and glossy" come to mind when you think about this style.

Frosted wall facades in the living room

Wall with facades in the color of upholstered furniture in a minimalist style living room

Materials for the manufacture of walls in the interior of a living room of a modern style

Classic style modular wall

Modern wall models are often made of combined materials, for example, MDF facades, particleboard frame, and the back plane can be made of fiberboard at all

MDF and particleboard

Chipboard and modified (moisture resistant) chipboard are used in the manufacture of cabinet furniture most often because of the comparative ease of processing, accessibility and ease of installation.

It is easy to distinguish between them:

  1. A simple chipboard or laminate (chipboard) has the same pattern and texture on both sides.
  2. MDF inside is simply white, but outside is colored and has not a sharp, smooth end face of various shapes.

The latter is many times more expensive because of its density, because it is a decorative material. It is made specifically for furniture facades, it can be glossy or matte, covered with a film or varnish (enamel). The headset case is made of laminate, also coated with a matte or glossy film.

Particleboard based wall on a yellow background

At the wall of chipboard facades are always flat, without any curly elements

MDF furniture wall for classic hall

Facades of a wall from MDF can imitate any kind of wood

Solid wood

A timeless natural massif of wood 100% from ecologically clean forests. Different species are used both from soft and medium breeds (conifers, alder, linden, elm, nut, cherry, ash), and from hard ones (oak, maple, beech, teak). Valuable breeds are more difficult to process, but much more durable and, accordingly, are more expensive. Using quality materials allows you to create the most durable products with unrivaled value. Such furniture is passed from generation to generation.

Solid wood wall in the living room interior

Wooden wall with open shelving in a modern design

Neoclassical furniture in the living room of a three-room apartment

Solid wood wall in neoclassical style

To create the necessary decor, the furniture in the living room is inlaid with various metals, the sashes are made of glass and mirrors, painted and covered with patina (artificial aging), for the facades they use various milling, decorative elements in the form of rattan grates.

Types of wall layouts in the living room

Suspended sections of a modern wall

The wall with hanging modules looks interesting in the interior of the living room

Mini walls

For lovers of minimalism there is a comfortable embodiment in the form of mini-walls. These are low horizontal hinged cabinets that frame above and below, making a bright accent on a wide screen, and turn it into a living picture. Even more compact furniture for TV is a hinged console either with legs, with open or closed compartments.

Compact wall with a TV in the living room

A mini-wall usually consists of a console and several compartments - floor or hanging

All over the wall

The linear design throughout the wall more closely resembles old-style furniture.The set fills with itself either the entire wall, or its significant part, if space allows. Its advantage is that it is quite roomy, but at the same time it looks quite modern and harmonious. The design is often symmetrical on both sides.

Glossy wall throughout the wall of the living room

The model in the whole wall has a large number of cabinets, tubes and shelves

However, there are models with the opposite approach, where shelves and cabinets are of different levels, widths and depths. Modular living rooms can be supplemented and interchanged sections, which will be convenient when moving and repairing.

Modular wall with contrasting facades

Modular systems allow you to create your own compositions, while you can change both the number of sections and their relative position

Manufacturers go even further by using gas lifts to lift a hidden bed, wardrobe with sofa or desk.

Transformer walls make life easier, saving space and turning a mobile living room into a bedroom or study.

Folding bed in a set of walls for the hall

A transforming wall combined with a bed or sofa will be the best solution for a small living room

Video: Examples of walls in the living room

Photos of interior ideas for a contemporary style living room with a wall

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