Interesting examples of sliding doors for a room

Doors - an integral element in the design of any room. They vary in size, design, manufacturing materials. Sliding room doors are very convenient - it is easy to create a unique design with them, zoning the space.

Barn Sliding Doors in the Hall of a Private House

Sliding doors are easy to use and have an attractive design.

Features, advantages of sliding doors in the room

Today, interior sliding doors to the living room, any other room, have several significant advantages:

  1. Optimally suited for cramped apartments, where there is simply no room left for opening doors.
  2. The combined space is beautifully, successfully zoned - a studio apartment, a kitchen-living room;
    affordable, compact.
  3. They have a non-standard appearance, a very diverse design.
  4. Easy to operate.
  5. The product is made of the same color with the walls or becomes an accent detail.

Disadvantages also exist - this is the complexity of installation, poor thermal protection, sound insulation. It is advisable that the installation is done by specialists. It is important to ensure that debris does not get into the fittings - this will lead to malfunctions, complicate the operation of the structure.

Sliding doors in the interior of a spacious living room

The quality of the mechanisms used directly affects the life of the sliding door.

Installing sliding structures makes sense only in heated rooms.

Design options for doors to various rooms

To decorate different rooms, different door leaves are purchased. They are slightly different in design, appearance, design, size. A standard product consists of several canvases that are moved using rollers or special guides.

Sliding doors on the terrace of a private house

Wide sliding glass doors ensure maximum penetration of natural light onto the terrace of the country house

To the bedroom

Modern compartment doors to the bedroom are made opaque to maintain the privacy of the room. Glass variants are permissible only as a symbolic zoning element. Glass with one-way visibility is also suitable. Sometimes a niche is separated by doors, arranging a dressing room and a mini-cabinet in it.

Lattice sliding doors in a bedroom interior

Sliding design can be the original solution for a compact walk-in closet

To the living room

Wide sliding doors to any living room are as durable, wear-resistant as possible. Here, special attention is paid to the mechanism itself - the doors will often have to be closed and opened, because the system can quickly fail.

Living room interior with sliding doors.

Hinged sliding doors in the living room of a country house

To the hall

Doors leading from the hallway to the hall are also often made sliding in one or two directions. Sometimes the design replaces the whole wall. In the spacious hall, with the help of such doors, the office space and the recreation area are separated.

Sliding doors for a luxurious classic style interior

Cascading Sliding Doors in the Classical Style Hall

To the kitchen

Kitchen designs are made sliding in combined rooms. The material used is frosted glass, wood coated with antiseptic compounds.

Sliding door in the interior of a compact kitchen

Sliding door is perfect for a small kitchen

In the bathroom

Here, the most commonly used glass, plastic. Doors separate the shower room from the rest of the space.

Glass sliding doors in a spacious bathroom

In the bathroom, sliding doors are used for zoning the space.

Varieties of interior sliding doors

Sliding interior products are made parallel or folding. Both closed and open, they look different.

If several doors are required to be installed in one room, it is recommended that they be made of the same material, in the same style.

Folding type

Folding options are “accordion” or “book”. They need some space to move.

Foldable sliding door in the bedroom

Folding door with a metal frame in the bedroom loft style

Parallel type

Parallel structures move in two directions. The canvases move along the walls, completely opening the opening.

Massive sliding doors in a rural house

Barn Variety of Parallel Sliding Doors

Types of sliding door mechanisms

There are many different door mechanisms. This is a "compartment", "accordion", "book", portal, cassette, in-hole, radius, cascade. The number of flaps is usually done from one to three.


The accordion door is suitable for installation in the corridor, in any room of a small area. She does not need the wall space to move apart, the design itself consists of narrow or medium-wide lamellas.

White accordion door in the bedroom

Folding segments of the accordion door can be made from a wide variety of materials


Modern compartment doors to a spacious living room are made single or double. The first move along the guides located parallel to the wall, the canvas of the second parted in two directions.

Glass sliding doors in the attic of a country house

Sliding doors do not take up much space in the open state and are suitable for any living space


Similar designs are usually installed in private homes. They are made of glass, have a wooden or metal-plastic frame. The construction is very difficult, but the mechanism is designed so that it is not difficult to open it even to a child.

Gantry sliding door on a wooden frame

Portal doors usually have panoramic glazing and completely replace the wall


They have one or two wings. When open, they hide in specially made niches in the walls.

Sliding cassette doors with two wings

Cassette doors conveniently hide inside the wall, without violating the integrity of the interior room


Sashes of this design move only inside the opening. Only half of it remains for the passage.

Floor vases near sliding doors

Interior doors serve to decorate a doorway of a sufficiently large width


A kind of "cascade" consists of one fixed and several mobile door leafs. They all move, fold in one direction.

Frosted glass on cascading type sliding doors

Cascading doors are used to decorate wide doorways.


They are installed in non-standard, round-shaped rooms. The canvases here move around the circle.

Radius sliding doors in the hallway

The semicircular doors are perhaps the most beautiful and aesthetic performance

Materials for manufacturing sliding doors

Sliding doors to the room are made of various materials - wood, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF. Sometimes several materials are combined - wood with glass, metal with rattan, etc.

Black Sliding Doors with Clear Glass

Glass inserts on a wooden frame - a popular combination for sliding doors

  • Natural wood. The most solid look wooden doors. They are strong, durable, but for installation in wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom), without special coating, are not suitable.

    Sliding wooden door in the bathroom

    Wooden sliding door looks attractive and stylish in any design

  • Fiberboard and particleboard. Such items are cheap. They are made out with self-adhesive films, veneer, painted in different colors.

    White sliding door made of inexpensive material

    Laconic model of a sliding door based on chipboard

  • MDF. MDF construction is more affordable than wood. She looks good, is durable.

    MDF sliding doors with glass inserts

    The decorative coating of MDF doors can imitate absolutely any natural material.

  • Glass. Impact resistant material is used for manufacturing. It is transparent, color, frosted, patterned (with a pattern made by plasma cutting) glass.

    Transparent tempered glass sliding doors

    Glass sheets of sliding doors can have a transparent design, tinted, matte or decorated with sandblasted pattern


Any configuration of the sliding door to the room are made ordinary or decorated with patterns, drawings. Some of the options in the photo are sliding screens, others when folded are completely hidden in the thickness of the walls. High doors made of wood and rattan will decorate the ecological interior, all glass, mirrored, suitable for hi-tech.

Steel sliding door on a hanging rail

Massive metal sliding doors in an industrial-style living room

Japanese Style Sliding Doors

Light models on a wooden frame in the eastern interior

Hi-tech sliding doors

Hi-tech plastic sliding doors

Beautiful sliding door to the room is a great idea for a room of any size. They are installed with their own hands or called by a master who knows how to do this. Finished buildings are purchased in hardware stores or online.

Video: Features of the choice of design and construction of sliding doors

Photos of examples of interior with sliding door

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