The use of decorative fountains in the design of apartments

In a city apartment, I so want to create picturesque corners of nature that would beckon with their mystery and enliven the interior. The decorative fountain for an apartment rightfully takes first place in this matter. The murmur of water, colorful design and ease of use attract many. But even in such a simple matter as the choice and installation of a decorative fountain for an apartment, it is important to consider the essential nuances. And then this item will become a true decoration of the home and the pride of the tenants.

Illuminated decorative fountain in the living room

There are many decorative things that can successfully complement and emphasize the interior of a room. Such accessories include a decorative fountain

Features of decorative fountains in the apartment

This interior item has certain features, both stylistic and technical.

Compact model of a decorative fountain

Decorative fountains come in a wide variety of designs.

Stylistic features of a decorative fountain for an apartment:

  1. Revitalizes the atmosphere.
  2. Creates romance and mystery.
  3. Unusually looks and attracts attention.
  4. Effectively complements the interior.
  5. Suitable for any room.

One of the main features of this jewelry is its liveliness. Flowing and bubbling water makes the room “alive”, reminding us of the wild. From the point of view of Feng Shui, water and sounds make energy move and circulate, which favorably affects the whole house and its residents.

Designer model of a decorative fountain

The fountain is not an obligatory element of the interior, but even so, quite a large number of people want to install it in their apartment

The murmur of water brings into the room and the atmosphere of romance and mystery. Especially colorful look fountains with backlight. That is why they are most often put in the bedroom. In addition to romance, this piece of furniture will still calm and relax after a difficult day. Indeed, under the murmur of water it is so pleasant to fall asleep.

In the living room, a decorative fountain for the apartment will also look appropriate. He deservedly attract admiring glances and become the pride of the owners. And the gentle murmur of water will create a cozy atmosphere that all guests will surely love.

Wooden decorative fountain on a table in the hall

Cute decorated fountain will bring coziness and comfort to the interior of the apartment

Decorative fountain in the form of an old jug

A spectacular accessory can easily surprise guests and loved ones

This interior item also has technical features that are important to consider:

  1. Interaction with water.
  2. The presence of an electric drive.
  3. The presence of moving parts.
  4. The need for regular cleaning.

This device interacts with water and electricity at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reliable product from a trusted seller who issues a guarantee for the products it sells. When using the product, it is also important to monitor its technical condition. It is necessary to install this decor item in those places where it will not bother anyone, and no one will be able to hurt or drop it.

Also, if the family has small children or pets - it is important to consider safety precautions. It is important to explain to children that it is impossible to play with this item and not leave the product working unattended.

In addition, since decorative fountains for an apartment are connected with water, they should not be installed in places where accidentally spilled water can damage anything: furniture, books, wiring.

High decorative fountain made of natural stone

The original design will make the living room more expensive and interesting.

Decorative fountain in the interior of the spouses bedroom

A backlit fountain is often placed in the bedroom to create a special romantic atmosphere.

Advantages and disadvantages of decorative fountains in an apartment

The main advantages of decorative fountains in the apartment is their unusualness and beauty, as well as another practical feature - it is air humidification. As you know, the air in urban apartments is very dry from the effects of air conditioning in the summer and heating systems in the winter. Too dry air is harmful to our skin, respiratory system and eyes. Bacteria and viruses also spread faster in dry air. Many people buy household humidifiers, but they do not look as romantic as decorative fountains for an apartment.

Small decorative waterfall on the kitchen table

Compact fountain - in fact it is a water tank equipped with a pump and decorated in a decorative form

Table waterfall made of natural stones

The cost of the fountain depends on the size, complexity of its execution and the value of the materials that make up the design

At the same time, these interior items have practically no drawbacks, except for two - they require caution in use and careful care. Since this product is associated with water, the water must be changed regularly, and the fountain should be washed regularly. Otherwise, the water in it will gradually begin to become contaminated, and bacteria will begin to multiply in it and an unpleasant odor will appear. Is it worth talking about the benefits of such an “interior decoration”, especially if the house has small children.

Desktop fountain with humidifier

Some fountain models are equipped with an air humidifier and a room ozonizing unit.

Types of decorative fountains for an apartment

First of all, decorative fountains for an apartment vary in size. And their additional function depends on their size. All products can be divided into types:

  • tabletop;
  • wall mounted;
  • outdoor.

Desktop products are most popular because of their ease of installation and small requirements. They fit perfectly into any apartment and are usually sold in the form of finished products. They carry only a decorative function, and also serve as a night lamp and slightly moisturize the air.

Small tabletop waterfall in a modern style

The desktop model can be put on a table, bedside table or placed on a shelf

Decorative fountain three jugs on the table in the living room

Among the desktop models, models with jugs are especially popular, and they can be decorated in completely different ways.

Wall fountains require more space, can occupy the entire wall or its most part, and can be a mini-picture. In any majority of cases, such fountains are made to order according to specified sizes. Although there are also some ready-made models. As a rule, they become the central part of the interior. Humidify the air very well.

Flat model of wall waterfall

The laconic model of the wall fountain will not take up much space and will become a worthy decoration of the interior of any room

Floor fountains occupy a significant part of the room. They are made to order in individual sizes. As a rule, the design is also developed individually, taking into account the overall composition of the interior. In addition to room decor and humidification, they can still divide rooms into zones or serve as a natural screen.

Living room decor with outdoor fountain

Floor decorative fountain in the form of an old amphora

Options for decorating an apartment with decorative fountains

Decorative fountains for an apartment have a huge variety of shapes, design solutions. The appearance and style of a product is determined primarily by the material from which it is made.

Examples of designs of decorative fountains for an apartment

Indoor fountains can be made from both artificial and natural materials

Options for materials can be:

  • fake diamond;
  • bamboo;
  • ceramics;
  • metal and glass.

The most popular artificial stone, fountains made of it are suitable for a classic modern interior and have many design options. It can be: mini-caves, waterfalls, grottoes or artificial bonsai. Often they are equipped with fantasy lighting, which brings even more romance and elegance to the room. The ornate design of such items is more suitable for living quarters with a classic interior: bedrooms and living rooms.

Floor model of indoor fountain

When choosing a fountain, it is important to consider how appropriate it will look in a particular room

Ceramics, as a rule, are some solid object: a shell, a pyramid, a group of jugs. Since ceramics is a natural and not artificial material, such a fountain looks more rich and environmentally friendly. Due to the simplicity of its forms, ceramic products are suitable for both the bedroom and the living room, as well as for the kitchen and office space.

Decorative stone fountain with candles

Natural stone fountains allow you to get closer to nature in a city apartment

Backlit decorative fountain with fog

Beautiful fountain with decorative lighting - a great alternative to ordinary nightlights

Options made of bamboo look more authentic and will suit the interior, designed in oriental style. Strict bamboo lines bring concentration and tranquility to the room. Such items are well suited for the living room, home office or relaxation area in the office.

Tips and tricks for decorating an apartment with decorative fountains

It is necessary to take into account the size of the apartment and the proportionality of other items: tables, sofas, armchairs, cabinets and other large furniture.

Miniature fountain in a porcelain plate

You can choose a fountain in the form of a jug or shell, in the style of fantasy or Feng Shui

Mini waterfall on the bedroom table

The main thing is that the decorative product should be pleasant to the owners of the apartment

A decorative fountain for an apartment requires more space than it seems at first. The fact is that the fountain carries primarily a decorative function, which means it should be clearly visible from different angles. It is good if there are no other bright objects next to this design element: paintings, jewelry, decorative vases, etc. Several bright objects nearby that attract attention will look bulky.

It is better to arrange a decorative fountain for the apartment so that it becomes the main highlight of the interior composition, to which all attention would strive.

Living room interior with decorative waterfall

A room fountain in the form of an old tree fits perfectly into the ethnic interior of the living room

Floor waterfall from combined materials

Stylish fountain made of copper elements suitable for a room in a modern style

Decorative fountains for an apartment can carry additional functionality:

  • night illumination:
  • division of premises into zones;
  • creating a relaxation zone.

With the help of such an unusual piece of furniture you can solve many more household moments. Since decorative fountains for an apartment attract attention, it is quite reasonable to take advantage of this and set the necessary accents. So with the help of lights or wall-waterfall, you can perfectly zoning the room. The floor wall-waterfall will become a pleasant separator of the cooking zone and the living area in the kitchen or delimit a large living room. A small decorative fountain for the apartment will create a relaxation corner in a small room.

Beautiful fountain against the wall of the living room

For interior decoration in an apartment, as a rule, small models of fountains are used

Feng Shui recommendations for interior decoration

The fountain is associated with the energy of water, which means that it enhances the water in the room. Water symbolizes communication, beauty, harmony and art. At the same time, water strengthens the element of the tree, which in turn is responsible for our creative forces and our activity. On the other hand, water weakens the elements of fire and metal. Fire represents leadership, adventurism, risk and activity. And metal symbolizes prudence, rigor, discipline and system.Therefore, do not place this item in areas that require concentration and activity. But putting it where the creative process is going will be useful.

Ceramic tabletop decorative fountain

Each model of a decorative fountain is an original product that carries a certain semantic load

Water in the fountain is constantly moving, and this makes the energy circulate more actively. If it is necessary to revive any zone or “dark corner” - this decor item can be placed there. Energy will build up in a new circle, and it will sparkle with new colors.

Table fountain in the form of a vase with flowers

It is necessary to carefully select the design of a room fountain, because it must be in harmony with the general home atmosphere

This jewelry attracts attention, which means our energy. Therefore, with the help of a decorative fountain for an apartment, you can direct the movement of energy in the room. If you need to distract attention from certain areas and direct it in the other direction - it is worth putting such an ornament there. In any case, decorative fountains for an apartment harmonize energy and create a wonderful atmosphere.

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Photo of decorative fountains

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