Hallway floor design - flooring options

The entrance hall is the first room in the apartment where a person gets. On it you can immediately determine the preferences of the owner, his habits, the presence of designer taste. Therefore, its design should be approached with special attention.

hallway floor design

To make the entrance hall look like a single and complete project, the design of the flooring should not "argue" with the rest of the finish: all materials must be combined in color and texture.

The floor in the hallway is one of the most fragile, but important elements. It is affected daily by various adverse factors. Cold wind, draft, high humidity - this is a small list of possible problems. Therefore, you should carefully consider the design of the flooring so that it is as functional as possible and fits into the overall style of the room.

floor in the hallway

To make it easy to maintain the cleanliness of the floor in the hallway, it is necessary to choose the right materials for its decoration, taking into account the personal tastes of the owners and their lifestyle.

The design of the floor in the hallway: flooring options (selection of photos)

The corridor is a place through which you have to go through several times daily. That is why the floor in the corridor requires constant cleaning and care. When the weather is rainy or snowy, the load on the coating increases. For this reason, it is especially important to pay attention to the choice of material. It depends on whether the dirt spreads to other rooms.

In the hallway, it is recommended to make repairs last, so that no dirt or dust gets into other rooms. It is recommended to close the doors tightly to avoid unnecessary trouble.

floor in the hallway

When choosing, you need to consider the budget that was laid down for the repair and decoration of this room.

When choosing a material should take into account the characteristics of the hallway. Natural light hardly comes here. Artificial lamps are used. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right shade of the coating, which will enhance the light intensity.

hallway floor design

Given the features of the room and the material, it is important not to forget: when choosing a cover, you should adhere to practicality and do not forget about lighting.

A wide selection of colors is offered. Corridor flooring does not have to be too gloomy. You should choose a texture that will be in perfect harmony with other elements of the room.

floor in the hallway views

The color palette of different materials allows different options.

To select the optimum coating design, it is recommended that these criteria be considered.

  1. Resistance to high humidity. In winter or after rain, the shoes get very wet. Because of this, a lot of moisture gets into the room. Therefore, it is recommended to select not only an attractive coating, but also practical. It must withstand moisture.
  2. Anti-slip properties. When wet, some types of coatings may slip. It is not recommended to cover the floor with such material, as the probability of injury increases.
  3. Resistance to wear. One of the important factors when choosing a laminate. Every day someone passes through the hallway.Various strokes with heels, heavy objects should not cause damage to the coating. It must withstand heavy physical exertion.
  4. Simple daily care. The flooring in the hallway will have to be constantly cleaned of dirt. Therefore, it must withstand the effects of various detergents.
  5. Aesthetic function. The first room the guest enters is the entrance hall. Therefore, it is important to make a good impression. I always want to choose not only practical, but also attractive coating that will be pleasing to the eye and bring comfort to the house. Designers provide many options for coverage that will fit into any interior.
floor design in the hallway photo

No need to make the floor gloomy: there are many varieties of wood tones from light to saturated.

Additional Information. To create not only a beautiful design, but also to produce the proper effect, many parameters should be considered. A good design of the floor in the hallway is able to visually resize it, make the lighting brighter or dimmer, and create a completely different impression.

For example, a bulk floor will help create a whole work of art and effectively highlight the general mood of the interior.

Glass coatings or porcelain tiles will help to create a mosaic effect. They are durable and well cleaned. On the Internet you can find many photos of the design of the floor in the hallway, which will appeal to everyone.

Additional Information. One of the unusual modern solutions is a panel. It can be issued using different materials. You can buy a finished coating or create an individual design.

Varieties of flooring (a selection of photos for each option)

There are many different flooring options available on the market. Therefore, many buyers are lost, which floor is best done in the hallway in the apartment. The basic material requirements should be considered. It must be resistant to moisture and physical damage, be practical, not contaminated, and not harm the environment.

linoleum in the corridor

It is imperative that all pollution from the street cannot go outside the room.

Note! Recently, there has been a tendency to use natural materials. You can easily find something beautiful and practical.

Tile: tile, porcelain tile, natural stone and others

These materials are most often found when finishing the floor. Porcelain tile exhibits high resistance to sudden changes in temperature and high humidity. This material is a tile, which is processed in a special way.

porcelain tiles in the hallway

Suitable for any design solution in the design. You can choose a different color and texture.

Note! Porcelain tile is quite expensive, so it is rarely used in apartments. Instead, it is better to use regular tile.

tiles in the hallway

The price range for this type of coverage is quite wide, so if you want, you can choose a budget option or more expensive.

Natural stone looks natural and expensive. In apartments it is rarely used. Suitable for decoration of country houses and estates. In the market you can often find stones of natural shades.

stone floor

It has high strength and can last for many years.

Ceramic tiles will be much lower in cost. There are many different design options that are suitable for any interior design solution. The tile is quite cold, so you need to warm the surface.

ceramic tile floor

Differs in special durability and is not afraid of mechanical and other damages.


If you do not know what is better to lay on the floor in the corridor, it is recommended to choose linoleum. Natural coating is practical, durable, but quite expensive.

linoleum in the interior of the corridor

This is a practical and inexpensive material that is suitable for rooms with any size.

Important! There are options with different patterns on the surface. Over time, they can be erased. When choosing low-quality material, dents may appear on the surface.

Natural Parquet

It is a coating consisting of wooden boards. They are stacked by various methods. The most common layout options are a herringbone or geometric ornament. There are more complex options for laying parquet.

floor design in the hallway parquet

This material looks great in any room on any area. In addition, you can select any color palette and pattern.


Consists of several layers. Wear resistant and durable. Most often, a color in the form of a natural tree is chosen. The main drawback is that it is not so easy to lay a laminate. To prevent moisture from entering between the individual plates, a special grout is used.

floor in the hallway laminate

It goes well with other materials. It is often paired with ceramic tiles.


Not the best solution for the corridor. Closer to the entrance, it is recommended to use more practical options that are not so vulnerable to adverse physical influences.

corridor floor design

Carpet tiles are often used now. It is much easier to assemble.

Other options

One popular solution is carpet. It looks expensive and beautiful. They differ from room options with a shorter pile length. They are easy to care for.

floor in the hallway carpet

They are quite durable and are widely used in everyday life.

What flooring to choose depending on the size and layout of the hallway?

Most often the corridors are small. In this case, attention should be paid to the visual expansion of the space. For this, it is better to use light materials. The dark floor, on the contrary, visually reduces the room. This is appropriate in the Japanese style.

Japanese style corridor floor design

The floor in the Japanese style looks very original and unusual.

Note! When decorating the hallway adhere to unity. The most successful color scheme options are gray or beige.

Popular design decisions in 2019

In 2019, an emphasis on naturalness and minimalism is increasingly popular. Therefore, it is best to choose natural environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to health. Natural wood or stone laying is perfect.

wood corridor floor

If there are significant irregularities on the floor, they must be removed.

Trending flooring colors

Designers note that in the last season, white shades are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, materials that are easy to clean should be carefully selected. It is strongly not recommended to use black color - dirt strongly stands out on it.

hallway floor tiles

Using the floor design, you can visually change not only the size of the room, but also the nature of the interior.

Now you know what floor to make in the hallway. The main thing is that the chosen solution ideally harmonizes with the overall interior and meets the aesthetic needs of the owners.

VIDEO: Floor tiles in the hallway - design ideas.

50 hallway floor design options:

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