Khrushchev design with wallpaper in the corridor - ideas and examples

Khrushchevka is a brick or panel apartment building, the number of storeys of which does not exceed 5 floors, which were built during the reign of Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. The apartments do not differ in a large number of square meters, certainly not more than 30 square meters. Khrushchevka metro station today is the most widespread, affordable and cheap housing not only in Russia, but also in the countries of the rest of the post-Soviet space. All because of not always comfortable conditions, a large number of neighbors, of course, not always prosperous.

wallpaper for a small hallway

Wallpaper for a small hallway - this is a great opportunity for interesting design solutions.

But everyone wants to decorate their home and make it as convenient and comfortable as possible. And you need to start with the hallway. For a guest in the hallway, first of all, an important parameter is attractive exterior decoration, but the owners of the apartment pay attention to many other factors. For example, functionality, ease of installation and cost of all materials and ongoing work. Therefore, the preparation of the design project for the arrangement of the hallway of the room should be approached very responsibly in order to comply with all the nuances and aspects.

modern hallway design

The decoration and design of the hallway and corridor should be approached very responsibly and carefully.

Khrushchev design with wallpaper in the corridor real photo examples

The most affordable and high-quality material for wall decoration is, of course, wallpaper. Paper, vinyl or photo wallpaper are all analog versions of such a seemingly simple and one-sided material. But if you start to understand this issue in detail, start structuring and sorting everything out, it turns out that this type of decoration is not so simple as it seemed at first glance.

wallpaper for a little hallway ideas

There are many options for decorating walls using wallpapers of various colors, with drawings and textures.

In this article, we will help you understand how some wallpapers differ from others, which ones are better to choose for one style, and which for another. This will help to gain inspiration, looking at how a gray and uncomfortable corridor with shabby walls turn into a real beautiful and cozy interior space.

wallpaper for the hall in Khrushchev

A small hallway should not be cluttered with furniture and accessories.

What wallpaper is best to choose in the hallway of Khrushchev

Now we’ll talk about which wallpaper with which imitation and with what pattern is best to choose for a narrow corridor and a small entrance hall in Khrushchev.

With drawing

Drawing on the wallpaper can be anything, the main rule remains that it is not too colorful, otherwise it will attract too much attention, visually narrowing the space.

wallpaper for the hallway in Khrushchev in the cage

Peas, or a minimalistic cage, are ideal.

Under the brick

Also, the last few years ago in the world of repair fashion, wallpaper under a brick in the corridor in Khrushchev became popular. But they should be used with caution, because this is a rather bright element, sometimes attracting too much attention, which will narrow the already narrow space of the corridor.

entrance hall in Khrushchev

When choosing interior design options for a small hallway, as well as a Khrushchev hallway, it is worth abandoning dark colors in the decoration.


Pay attention to the striped wallpaper.If these are vertical stripes, they will visually increase the height of the ceiling. And if horizontal, then extend the space along. If you want to achieve these two effects at once, then look for a wallpaper with a diagonal.

wallpaper in the corridor of Khrushchev photo ideas

Low ceilings can be visually made higher if the walls take a wallpaper of a darker color.


Perhaps one of the best and most universal solutions is simple classic plain wallpaper. If you are afraid that this option will be too boring for you, then add variety with the help of interesting paintings, photographs or posters.

hallway in Khrushchev

For compact hallways and narrow corridors, they choose coatings that are strong, durable, allowing you to keep the walls clean without much effort.


Also, do not forget about the classic version - a floral ornament. It is just like never before better suited to a bright Provencal style.

wallpaper in the corridor of Khrushchev

Of great importance is the environmental friendliness of the material.

An excellent option would be the arrangement of contrasts. For example, if the wallpaper is excellent, tone-on-tone, merges with the door, and a dark pattern of flowers, monograms, lace appears on their background, then it will look very beautiful and stylish.

The choice of wallpaper color for a small and narrow hallway

The fact that apartments in houses of the Khrushchev era do not differ in large dimensions and chic capacity will not be a secret.

Which colors visually expand the space, and which, on the contrary, narrow? With a small and cramped entrance hallway or corridor, which are simply ubiquitous in Khrushchev, you need to strive for a visual increase in space. Light colors will help you with this, but do not stop at the purely white design of the corridor. Because of this decision, the room runs the risk of becoming like a medical facility. In addition, despite the widespread myth, the white color will not expand the room, but will make it more illuminated.

wallpaper for the hall in Khrushchev

Wall coverings should be dense, have a surface resistant to mechanical abrasion.

But do not give up white at all, dilute it with other colors with which it blends well. For example, blue, blue, red, peach, pink, lavender and other contrasting or pastel shades.

hallway wallpaper

Preference is given to finishing materials on a natural basis - “breathable”, not conducive to the appearance of fungi on the walls, and also safe in composition.

Also, do not give up dark flowers. They will not reduce the visual space at all, on the contrary, they will add depth to it, if the colors are chosen correctly.

wallpaper for a small hallway

The choice falls on options that give ample opportunity for combining with other types of wall coverings, furniture, combinations with interior items.

It is not recommended to combine warm and cold shades in a small room, it is better to dilute them with neutral ones. The main thing is to ensure that the colors do not contrast with each other, but, on the contrary, combine well.

Our human eye divides all colors into three different types according to the degree of prevalence of cold and warm shades in color.

  • Cold: blue, green, purple shades.
purple wallpaper

A variety of shades and textures, drawings allows you to use them in the design of accent walls, which, in turn, sets the tone and mood of the entire room.

  • Warm: yellow, red, orange shades.
hallway in an orange apartment

The limited space of small compact hallways in Khrushchev requires two tasks to be combined in the design of the walls - a visual increase in the room and originality.

  • Neutral: white and shades of gray.
wallpaper for the hall in Khrushchev

Often wallpapers are used in combination with other materials - panels for brick and stone, wood masonry, plastering with painting.

Owners of large rooms, although this is very rare in Khrushchev, this can hardly be found, can afford to combine a greater number of color combinations and are not afraid to set contrasts. This will not reduce the space to critical, uncomfortable sizes.

wallpaper for the hall in Khrushchev

The most popular color scheme in modern hallways is various shades of beige.

Verbally, we described the basic rules for selecting a color scheme for wall decoration in the last paragraph of our article. Now it's time to start being inspired by various examples of photos where the gamut of colors and shades is matched like never before!

wallpaper for the corridor of Khrushchev

There must be a place to store shoes.

Carefully consider pictures and photos, be inspired, take something to your note, save the most favorite room interior options to the phone gallery. And then go shopping at the hardware store. Repair and update of such an apartment in such a gray house is not waiting!

wallpaper for the hall in Khrushchev

In such hallways, as a rule, many different lighting sources are installed.

Popular wallpaper for the corridor in 2019. Photo wallpaper examples

In the modern world of repair, there are so many diverse, dissimilar styles. And this fact is both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, each person can independently choose a stylistic direction that will suit him and his idea, and on the other hand, it can even hurt and confuse.

hallway in Khrushchev

Any small hallway is decorated in bright colors.

Just imagine! Minimalism, Provence, loft, classic. And in all of this you need to understand and understand what is right for you, your budget, rhythm and lifestyle, the number of members in the family and whether there are small children or animals in it. But do not worry, at this point in the article we will analyze everything in detail and help you make the only right decision!


Do you like natural materials or at least their high-quality imitation? Do you like arrays of cherry, cedar, oak and natural stones, such as granite or shiny mica overflow? Then such a classic style is right for you! But if you do not use natural materials and replace them with analogues, then you can fit into the budget set at the beginning of the repair.

wallpaper for the corridor in Khrushchev

To create a similar style in the hallway you will need a large amount of material resources.

Important! Pay close attention to lighting. Obviously, ordinary plastic fixtures will not fit this luxurious style at all. The choice of furniture and accessories for her, too, should be given close attention.


An entrance hall in this style is a great solution for modern people. When creating a “loft” style in a small, or even large, hallway, it is very important to discard all fears and conventions, are not afraid to implement the most unusual ideas, use unusual materials, such as glass, metal, an abundance of wood.

hallway loft

You can be sure that your corridor or hallway in this style will look, bold, catchy and trendy.


Let's consider some of them.

  • Minimalism is a style for those people who do not like large crowds. It is characterized by light, gray and black tones and the absence of catchy and bright prints on the wallpaper.
wallpaper for the hall in Khrushchev

A feature of the halls in Khrushchev is that for their arrangement the style of minimalism is mainly used.

  • Provence is a style that came to us from the French. It differs from the rest in the presence of a floral print and an abundance of textiles, vintage furniture with gilding or scuffs in bright colors. The decoupage technique will be appropriate.
wallpaper in the corridor of Khrushchev

Provence is characterized by lightness, airiness, light, natural tones.

  • Art Nouveau is a combination of mass production and artistic works. Such a non-standard combination gives rise to many bizarre forms of a wide variety of textures, tones and colors.
Art Nouveau entrance hall

It looks spectacular and unusual.

Earlier we looked at the most popular styles recently. They are preferred by most owners of urban apartments in panel houses and lovers of suburban buildings for housing.But designers are not advised to go in cycles only in two stylistic directions, because the modern fashion of living space design provides a large, we would even say a huge, choice of style.

hallway in Khrushchev

Each style of interior involves its own wallpaper design - from small drawings to large patterns.

VIDEO: What kind of wallpaper to choose in the corridor - varieties.

50 wallpaper design options in the Khrushchev’s corridor:

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