Hallway Hangers Options

Guests arriving at your house immediately enter the hallway. Their clothes and shoes should remain in it, so the choice of hangers in the hallway is an important step to create comfort and coziness in your home.

wall hangers in the hallway

An important detail in the interior of each hallway is a wall hanger.

The entrance hall can say a lot about the owner of the house, about the cleanliness of the content and accuracy, as well as about your taste and preferences.

modern hallway hangers

The design does not take up much space, which is especially important for the design of small corridors.

Features of hangers in the hallway

Already from the hallway a picture of comfort in the house is revealed. The hanger is able to add a twist to the atmosphere of the room. They are floor, wall, forged, from different materials, such as wood or metal.

hangers in the hallway

When choosing a model in a store, it is recommended to give important attention to both the material used and the quality of the fittings.

Also, for the convenience of storing shoes, you can choose the option with shelves, for storing hats at the top are special compartments. And harmoniously matching color is of great importance.

wall hangers

Such hangers fit perfectly into any interior.

Types of hangers

  • Wall mounted

They look like crossbars with hooks hanging on the wall. The price category is budgetary, but there are enough minuses: this is an inconvenient mount, special tools are needed to secure it, hooks are intended only for clothes, there is often no place for shoes and hats. But there are wall hangers in the hallway with a shelf for hats, if they do not close, during prolonged storage the headgear may become covered with dust.

wall hanger in the hallway

A wall hanger suitable for any design is easy to spot in the store.

  • Floor

They are horizontal and vertical bars, which are most often located in the cabinet, there are also models with shelves on top, as well as hangers with shoe rack in the hallway, with shelves for shoes and some have an additional compartment, such as a cabinet. The price category is higher than the wall, but more functions.

floor hanger in the hallway

Such a hanger is also useful for those who have a wardrobe. She will help out in case of the arrival of a large group of guests.

  • Forged

Forged products are incredibly durable. Their choice is great. There are both wall and floor models. Such hangers look unusual and stylish, and emphasize the refined taste of the owner of the house. Beautiful decorative hooks and unusual plexus will add elegance. There are models combined with a mirror, with shelves.

wrought iron hangers in the hallway

It is wall hangers that allow you to dry and ventilate your outer clothing efficiently.

Hangers manufacturing materials

  • Metal

Metal is a very durable material, and the design is stable. If you choose the floor option, then metal is the best choice, as it will withstand heavy winter clothes. The most popular chrome hangers, they come in various colors: brown, white, black and others.

metal hangers in the hallway

Pick up a shoe rack or a bench with a seat, made in the same style.

Important! Metal products are heavy.

  • Wooden

The beauty and smell of wood will be appreciated by many. Convenient lockers add functionality. And the color palette is very wide, it is possible to choose colors even for a bright hallway.

wooden coat hanger

A wide range of hangers allows you to choose the option of any size, color and design.

Note! A wood product must be varnished, not have bumps and roughnesses.

  • Chipboard, plastic

Such models are much cheaper than wooden. But the minus of chipboard products is that they emit harmful substances, since they have resins in their composition.

wall hangers in the hallway

Comfortable models are usually inexpensive, but come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Plastic is a good choice if you want to get something unusual. The shapes, design and colors are so diverse that even the most sophisticated buyer will choose the most suitable option for himself, in his favorite style.

plastic coat rack

Caring for this element of the interior is not difficult.

Interesting hangers

  • With shelf

The shelf on top for scarves, hats, hats is especially true in the winter and for those who like to wear a hat. If you hang a hat, then it can lose shape. Manufacturers make various options - wooden, forged and others.

floor hanger in the hallway

Many models of wall hangers come with useful additions. The most common are top shelf options.

  • With shoe rack

If not everyone wears hats, then no one goes without shoes. To ensure that the shoes do not stand in a row in the hallway, you need a shelf for shoes. There are options with the door closed and open, there are also special divisions for each pair of shoes.

a hanger in the hallway with a shoe shelf

This model can be made of a variety of materials, in different colors and shapes, as well as with additional decor.

  • Hanger

Currently, most seek to purchase just such a cabinet. Plus, an additional closed cabinet with shelves is added to the shelf above and below. You can put accessories in them or use as an additional storage place in the house.

hangers in the hallway cabinets and shelves

Combined models are considered the most functional, combining the stand itself with a mirror, bedside table or bench.

Hangers Features

  • For storing hats

There are special types of racks for storing hats. But if the hallway is small, then it is better to take a hanger-closet, where there are also options.

hangers in the hallway choices

Such products are most often made of wood.

Open shelves are convenient for guests who quickly pick up their products, and they do not have time to get dusty.

hangers in the hallway

Many hangers with a mezzanine are complemented by a mirror, which is also very convenient.

If you yourself wear hats, then it is better to consider the option with a closed shelf.

wall and floor hangers in the hallway

The modern assortment offers hangers for the hall for every taste.

  • For storing bags

It is extremely inconvenient for guests to carry the bags with them, if you can hang your bags in the pantry room or elsewhere, then it is inappropriate to offer this to guests. Therefore, a special division for bags in the form of a cabinet or shelves is necessary.

wall hangers in the hallway

For those who are not used to the standard options, original products of an unusual shape are on sale.

Hanger color selection

Color must be in harmony with the wallpaper, carpet (if available) and other interior details.

hangers in the hallway ideas

Some hangers may have additional elements made in the same style, but located independently.

If the color of the wallpaper consists of calm tones, then it is better to choose a white shade or color. If the room is brighter, then it is worth considering which color is suitable, because such a choice is much more difficult.

wall hangers in the hallway

You can make the color moderate by adding a neutral color model to the room.

  • White

The white model looks unusual and stylish. It is suitable for almost any color scheme. Bright colors will make more moderate, and add some zest to neutral ones.

hanger in the hallway is white

These options are suitable for spacious hallways and allow you to keep clothes, shoes and all kinds of accessories in perfect order.

Choosing a hanger, it is first of all to decide on the shape and color. It is best to take a multifunctional model or a set of individual shelves, hangers.

wall hangers in the hallway

Wall hangers in the hallway can have different sizes.

To create comfort and not to put guests in an awkward position, it is better to choose options where there are shelves for storing bags, shoes, accessories and more.

wall hangers in the hallway ideas

Depending on the size and layout of the hallway, you can choose a wall hanger of any shape.

When choosing, carefully check the quality. If you find chips, cracks in the product, then it is better to choose another.

wall hangers in the hallway

For halls decorated in a classic style, warm shades are usually chosen.

The entrance hall with a seat and a hanger in the kit will not force guests to take off their shoes while standing, as this is inconvenient. Look for a favorable ratio of price, quality and functionality, and you will never be mistaken.

hangers in the hallway photo ideas

Please note that when buying such a product, it is worth remembering the soiledness of this color.

VIDEO: How to make a hanger in the hallway with your own hands.

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