Interior design tiled shabby chic in the bathroom

Shabby chic bathroom is a true embodiment of elegance. The idea can be realized even in a new house, even in Khrushchev. The number of sq m does not matter. However, in order to correctly create a design with an imitation of antiquity, you need to take into account many nuances.

Ceramic bathroom floor with antique furniture

Shabby-Chic literally means shabby luxury

What does the bathroom interior look like in shabby chic?

This is a combination of several different materials in texture and color in the decoration, but at the same time they should be combined in color. There is no traditional furniture in such an interior, but there is a place for antiques and antiques. Such a bathroom should be as comfortable and cozy as possible, therefore a special place is given to various seats, for example, chairs, poufs, and maybe a rocking chair.

Ceramic wall decoration in the bathroom of a country house

The interior in the style of shabby chic is rather complicated, it balances between luxury, aristocracy and antiquity

Old things in a shabby chic style bathroom interior

A distinctive feature of shabby chic is the use of antiques and retro interiors.

Shabby Chic Style Features

This stylistic direction is difficult to confuse with any other, but nevertheless we note its main features:

  1. Priority is in pastel colors.
  2. As much textile as possible with an abundance of design.
  3. Floral motifs in patterns and prints.
  4. Vintage decor or imitation of antiquity.

There are two flavors of style. One is the emphasis on antiquity, real antiques, hereditary relics or things from the flea market.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor

Shabby chic with a "rustic" bias

The second option is particularly sophisticated and elegant. The shape of the plumbing and accessories is striking in its elegance, and the pieces of furniture have either been refurbished in a quality manner, or these are new pieces decorated with antique.

Boards on the ceiling of the bathroom

More modern and sophisticated option

What is good tile from the collection of shabby chic in the interior

We list the advantages that tile shabby chic gives in a bathroom interior:

  • makes it possible to embody unusual ideas of stylish interiors;
  • you can visually recreate the idea of ​​style due to the textured surface, while not needing to artificially age the material;
  • this finish is distinguished by its durability and practicality, it is easy to operate, practical and picky in care;
  • If you choose a tile in color with other elements of the interior, then the design of the room will be truly organic.
Shabby Chic Flower Drawings

The main difference between tiles in the style of shabby chic is that even the new material seems shabby, as if it had been in use for more than a dozen years

There is a misconception that the style of shabby chic is a way to save money by buying worn furniture and low-quality materials. However, this is not the case. Materials for this style will cost quite expensive, and some collections will be very expensive, as they are released in limited series. The same can be said of furniture. Restoration is a very expensive process and buying new furniture would be much more economical. However, the high cost justifies itself when you see a finished interior that impresses with its originality and special charm.

Color spectrum

To create a special atmosphere that would convey the whole charm of style, you need to choose the right color scheme.

Decorating the walls of the bathroom in pastel colors

Light and romantic tones, for example, the color of milk, mint, champagne or marshmallows, are suitable for decorating a Shabby Chic bathroom

The main color in space can be ivory, beige, pearl, pale blue, olive and so on. To dilute delicate colors with expressive accents, you can add muted tones of blue, pink or burgundy. Colors that are too eye-catching are definitely not necessary; they are absolutely inappropriate here.

In addition to pastel colors, the colors of natural materials - stone, wood and so on - will organically fit in.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Finishes

The interior of shabby chic is the embodiment of the trends of the 50s of the last century. It is important that decoration materials create the mood of that era. The main selection criteria are simplicity and naturalness. Mostly the decoration of such an interior consists of materials such as wood and stone.


In the interior of shabby chic, carelessness, aging and minor scuffs are simply necessary. That is why stucco or painting is the best option for wall decoration. It does not need perfectly flat surfaces, small defects and irregularities will only be on hand. You can paint the plastered wall in any light natural shade.

Bathtub on a wooden floor in a rural house

Most of the walls can be simply painted in bright colors.

Another suitable option is wallpaper. Canvases with floral patterns and drawings will look good.

Floral wallpaper in the bathroom shabby chic

When decorating walls, it is allowed to use moisture-proof wallpapers, and the bottom can be sheathed with panels

Another option is wood finishes. The boards are painted in a light shade and rubbed with sandpaper to create the effect of scuffing. Although the last paragraph is optional.


There are several different ways to decorate the ceiling:

  • whitewash;
  • plastering and painting;
  • wood beams finish;
  • stucco molding;
  • design by boards.
Glass chandelier on a wooden ceiling

Ideally, the ceiling should resemble the ceiling of a rural house

The style can be emphasized by the intentional creation of roughnesses in plastering, unpainted areas, and even cracks will look beautiful. Stretch ceilings just do not fit into such a design.


On the floor of such a bathroom it’s hard to imagine anything other than wood. As a flooring, you can use natural wooden boards or various analogues - parquet or laminate. However, it is worth considering the features of the room - an increased level of moisture will not benefit the tree. It is necessary to provide a special coating. Also, a way out of the situation may be laying floor tiles in natural shades.

Board floor in the bathroom of a private house

Wooden flooring is more stylistic

Shabby ceramic floor tiles

Antique ceramic coating is more practical and durable

The texture of ceramic tiles

Design development - a tile with imitation of old material. Uneven layout of such material will enhance the effect of the old coating. The seams can be wide and different in size - this will create the impression that with the passage of time the tile has slightly “diverged”. In the collections of shabby chic, you can also find tile imitation of aged brick.

If the “obsolete” tile does not fit with the furniture, then the finish will look scruffy. It is important to take care of combining all the elements. You can be inspired by examples of tiles of shabby chic in the interior of the bathroom on a selection of photos.


Plumbing products in modern design can disrupt the overall picture, and therefore it is important to choose organic products.

  1. Elegant faucets. Two-fan models with elegantly elongated taps should not be mirrored, it is better to choose a surface painted in a light shade.

    Vintage Shabby Chic Bronze Bath Faucet

    An ideal choice would be a copper or bronze mixer with screw taps

  2. Beautiful baths standing on paws. Such a product will become a real work of art, and taking such a bath you can feel like an actress from a retro film.

    Cast-iron foot bath under a mirror with a carved frame

    It is advisable that the bath is painted in blue or blue shades

  3. Chic faience washbasins. Such material is the best choice for a Shabby Chic bathtub. The more elegant the bends of the lines, the better.

    Overlaid faience sink

    Washbasin models are best suited for shabby chic.

  4. Shower stall. A practical and ergonomic bath option. The main thing is to observe the basic rules of style when choosing and give preference to natural colors and elegant shapes.

    Contemporary retro-style walk-in shower

    The shower cabin should be selected in retro style with a tray on the legs

Using vintage furniture

What can be purchased for such an interior? Consider several options:

  • massive massive chests of drawers;
  • sideboards for dishes;
  • dressing tables;
  • graceful armchairs.

Such furniture is perfectly complemented by various design elements, for example, carved legs, armrests, panels, etc.

White sink on an old pedestal with shabby legs

A bathtub in shabby chic is perfect for those who respect antique furniture and are used to giving it a second life

Shabby Chic Bath Dressing Table Decoupage

It’s quite difficult to purchase vintage furniture, but you can restore old furniture with your own hands using decoupage technique

Decor and accessories

Little things in the interior of shabby chic are extremely important. Space decor can be:

  • textiles, which should be very much (natural fabrics are a priority);
  • glass jars;
  • wicker baskets;
  • shabby suitcases as storage compartments;
  • decorative figurines, candles, etc.
A colorful curtain on the bathroom window in the style of shabby chic

If there is a window, the curtains are used from a thin fabric, the coloring of which is selected according to the general style of the room

An important addition will be fresh flowers.

Mirror in an old carved wood frame

A must-have item in the interior of a Shabby Chic bathroom is a mirror in an old frame or artificially aged

Shabby chic bathroom lighting

Proper lighting plays an important role. Characteristics to which fixtures should correspond:

  • fabric upholstery;
  • expensive materials: pearls, crystal, stones;
  • candelabra made of glass, crystal and plastic;
  • lamps in the form of lanterns.
Vintage bathroom fixtures in the style of shabby chic

As lighting equipment, you can use both small lamps in separate areas, and large chandeliers, if the room size allows


We can say that the style of shabby chic will be the perfect choice for true lovers of luxury and sophistication. The main thing is to boldly experiment, and then the result will please you for many years.

Video: shabby chic in the bathroom interior

Photo ideas for the design of a bathroom in the style of “shabby luxury”

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