What design is suitable for a bathroom in Khrushchev?

A small bathroom in Khrushchev is the reality of our life. It is necessary to consider the best option for the location of a large amount of furniture and electronics in a tiny area. In this article we will consider the nuances of the correct use of small space.

bathroom in Khrushchev

The only way to really expand the bathroom area in a Soviet apartment is to remove the partition and combine it with the toilet.

You can make repairs in the bathroom in Khrushchev, based on a photo of the interior you like. But still make sure everything is as convenient as it seems at first glance. Are all the nuances and rules followed. In this article, we will tell you what to look for when planning a bathroom renovation.

bathroom in Khrushchev

For owners of "Khrushchev", whose rooms are extremely small, you will have to think about all the details and plan each square as much as possible.

What can and cannot be done

Bathrooms can be classified by size. The room is more than 7 sq.m. considered great. Average sizes from 4 to 6 sq.m. And the smallest are the restrooms of 2-3 sq.m.

It would seem that it is impossible to fit anything into a small bathroom in Khrushchev, except for a shower, toilet and a small sink. But this is not so. After doing a few tricks, you can create comfort, and at the same time the room will have everything you need.

bathroom in Khrushchev

Even in a small room you can make a beautiful and original atmosphere, filling it with an atmosphere of comfort and home warmth.

Do not forget to use the upper tier. At eye level, you can place cabinets or shelves for household chemicals. It is also convenient for security purposes, since in a house where there are small children, putting household chemicals low is very dangerous.

new bathroom in Khrushchev

It is necessary to select the interior style in advance, as well as acquire plumbing items that would take up little space and perform many functions.

How to use usable space economically

  • The bathroom must be installed close to the wall, leaving no space between them. And place the joints in a corner.
  • Mark the place for the washing machine under the sink. Please note that there is a large selection of compact washing machines that fit perfectly under the sink.
  • You can also place a small cabinet under the sink.
  • It helps to save space using a shower instead of a bath.
  • If possible, make a niche in the wall and place a washing machine, water heating equipment there, or simply install shelves for cosmetics.
  • Choose plumbing that takes up less space, such as a corner bathtub and toilet.
  • Use stainless steel corner shelves. They save space and keep a large number of bathroom accessories.
  • The front door should open outwards.
bathroom in Khrushchev

If the layout of the apartment allows, you can also grab part of the corridor.

To rationally increase the functionality of the room, it is necessary to properly zon it.

The classic division into zones presents the following points.

  1. Economic zone - the territory on which lockers, shelves, and a washing machine will be placed.
  2. The area of ​​acceptance of air procedures (wash basin, shower or bath).
  3. Zone of natural needs (bidet, toilet or urinal).

You can highlight a specific area using stylistic techniques. For example, highlight a certain area with lighting, make a floor with several levels, or create an emphasis due to the contrasting colors of the materials.

bathroom in Khrushchev

You can try to hide the communication in the walls, provided that you save space.

The choice of interior style of the bathroom in Khrushchev

We are used to the fact that the bathroom in Khrushchev looks the same for everyone. Sometimes it seems that it’s already impossible to come up with anything new: a standard bathtub, a washbasin, a toilet bowl and an always interfering washing machine. But still there is a wide variety of possible layouts.

But do not be discouraged if you connect your imagination, all this can be placed as comfortably as possible. And bright color schemes will dilute the boring boring interior.

When choosing a design and style for a bathroom in Khrushchev, it is necessary to take into account the design of the entire apartment. If the apartment is in the classical style, and the bathroom is Scandinavian, then even if the bathroom is very beautiful and stylish, it will look, in combination with the style of the apartment, at least strange.

Prefer the classics, then there is a real option to hide the sewer riser, disguising it as a column of revival style.

bathroom in Khrushchev idea

You need to think about the location of the plumbing and select the most miniature models.

You are an adherent of laconicism, then an ordinary washbasin can be replaced with a modern bowl with a spacious countertop, under which you can place the washing machine.

If a country style is needed, then there should be no problems creating an interior. This style is the easiest to recreate. It is simple, reflects proximity to nature. Add small stones, driftwood, and burlap crafts as a decoration.

Under the style you need, you can decorate the bath itself. Paint the front panel in the colors you need. And hang a curtain that matches the theme.

For Khrushchev, one of the best stylish solutions is minimalism. Clarity, brevity and nothing more. Functionality with minimalism is maximum. At the same time, the room visually increases.

minimalism style bathroom in Khrushchev

In critical cases, the washbasin can not be installed, but dispensed with a tap above the bathtub.

The color scheme of the room

A fairly common option - bright pastel colored bathrooms. Such colors visually increase the space, add coziness and a certain airiness.

Freshness can add the colors of the green-pistachio palette. Peach, brown and cream tones create comfort, and blue colors add a cool touch.

White interior is a win-win option that does not lose its relevance. White is always associated with purity. Space seems bigger than it really is. And also in a white interior you can easily choose any plumbing harmoniously. Do not choose a snow-white color, otherwise the room will look very cold. Pay attention to milky colors, pearl and other warm shades of white.

bathroom in Khrushchev

Competent redevelopment and design techniques will help visually expand the room to large sizes.

Black color. Adds clarity and rigor to the room. Such a color scheme is often resorted to in the interior of a luxury level. If you add attributes of gold or silver color to the black interior, this will add even more chic. But in small bathrooms, the best black should be avoided. The room will seem even smaller than it actually is. The room will look gloomy. Black color scheme is used only for spacious rooms.

Red color. Too much saturated red can be annoying.If red color is harmoniously entered into an interior, it is capable to raise a tone, to infect with energy. But again, such an aggressive color is more suitable for spacious rooms. In Khrushchev, such a design choice does not look attractive.

bathroom in Khrushchev wall color

Soft shades of green will have a calming effect. Combine with cream shades.

Important! The smaller the room, the brighter the shades to match.

Tips for choosing finishing materials and plumbing

Fortunately, there are many options for finishing materials for the bathroom. Everyone will be able to pick their own pocket.

Waterproof paint. Budget and affordable choice for everyone. Before painting, make sure that the walls of the bathroom are even, otherwise after painting you will be unpleasantly surprised by the untidiness of the view. Waterproof paint will look concise and neat. The color of the paint can be varied by the dosage of tint.

PVC plastic panels. If the walls are uneven, you can use plastic overlay panels. Installation of panels does not take much time, everything is quick and easy. Their only drawback is that they are short-lived and often require replacement.

bathroom in Khrushchev

Actual is the use of angular models of plumbing.

Ceramic tile. Not one building is complete without such an option. This is due to the durability of the materials, as well as good waterproofing. There is also non-slip tile - a great choice for the bathroom.

The ceiling is usually painted with white paint, light plastic panels, fiberglass are installed on it or a rack ceiling is made.

bathroom in Khrushchev stretch ceiling

An excellent solution is a stretch glossy ceiling. It reflects the light and due to this it seems even higher.

The choice of plumbing

How to place a bath and a bathroom in a combined bathroom in Khrushchev

The advantages of such accommodation are that there is more space, there is no need to leave the toilet and enter the bathroom. With a separate arrangement of the toilet and the bathroom, such convenience is excluded. Therefore, many want to combine a bathroom and a bathroom.

Inconvenience can occur in a large family. When the bathroom is busy there is no way to use the toilet.

bathroom in Khrushchev combined with a toilet

The best option is minimalism. In this case, there is no problem with unnecessary details, everything is strictly and accurately.

As a rule, the bathroom occupies the most space in the restroom. An excellent option is a corner bath. She spends useful space economically.

Corner washbasins and toilets are also commercially available. You can choose a hanging sink to place a cabinet, a washing machine or a laundry basket under it. Also used is the location of the corner sink exactly above the bathroom. So it absolutely does not occupy the perimeter of the room and will not interfere at all during bathing.

bathroom in Khrushchev

A great idea is a hanging toilet, the cistern of which is installed in a wall or in a niche.

Shower instead of bath

If you do not fundamentally have a bathroom, then the best option is to install a shower. It takes up significantly less space than a bathroom. Due to the glass panels, water does not have the ability to fly around the room. While taking a shower, there is no way to freeze, as there is no entrance to cold air. And also when bathing in the shower much less water is spent than when using the bath.

Moreover, if elderly people are present in the house, it will be more convenient for them to enter the shower cubicle with a low step than to try to get into the bathroom with difficulty.

bathroom with shower

This creates a particular problem for bathrooms, where the walls have to be tiled and a sink with a shower stall attached to them.

Of the shortcomings, we can only list the fact that there is no possibility to completely submerge in bathing, and also the shower cubicle requires daily care, since it can cause a plaque. Also, inconvenience to older people can bring showers with high sides.

Also, in many countries the following option is used in type resembling a shower stall.The shower is built into the wall, and the drain is installed directly in the floor. To prevent water from flying around the room, a sliding glass partition is mounted. Budget option shower and very comfortable. And most importantly, it does not take up much space, about 1 * 1 meter. Depending on your preference.

bathroom with shower

When designing a bathroom in limited conditions, it is necessary to strive for a solid interior.

Placement of furniture, appliances and accessories

If you prefer to install the washing machine in the bathroom, then for convenience you can place it under the washbasin or in a niche in the wall.

bathroom washer under the sink

In a small room, plumbing and household furniture must be arranged in such a way that it is convenient to use and save space.

Finding a place in a small bathroom is not so easy for a bidet, so you can install a built-in small shower near the toilet, designed for hygienic procedures.

Khrushchev bathroom

In order not to overload the wash basin, a glass with toothpaste and a brush is attached to the wall.

Hinged furniture

It is better to use lockers compact, you can buy a pencil case. It can be installed both on the floor and can be suspended.

Suspended can be:

  • cabinets;
  • shelves;
  • toilet;
  • washbasin;
  • bidet.
bathroom in Khrushchev furniture

To often not make repairs in the bathroom, you must immediately abandon materials that poorly withstand humidity.

Methods for increasing the space of the Khrushchev bathroom

A large number of mirrors will visually increase the space. As well as glass doors equipped, above the bathroom.

If the bathroom is tiled, choose a medium sized tile and muted tones.

The presence of glass objects will not clutter up the space and create ease of perception.

Corner and hanging plumbing can save space.

bathroom in Khrushchev idea

In the modern design, the bathroom does not use floor toilets. Wall options with installations are preferred in all cases.

What can and cannot be installed in a small bathroom

It is impossible!

  • Put cabinets for towels and bathrobes in a small bathroom. These items will only take up space. All this can be stored outside the bathroom. Or put towels on shelves built into the wall.
  • Install massive furniture. Better get narrow furniture with glass doors. If you want to hide something, put these things in cute decorative boxes.
bathroom in Khrushchev shelves

The best combination of colors for a modest bathroom is light colors with elements of tropical mixes, as well as marine themes.


  • Install towel racks in the door.
  • Make a shelf above the door.
  • Use special shower organizers.
  • If you buy cabinets, then choose with drawers to use all possible space.
  • Divide boxes into zones using dividers.
  • Make bright lighting.
  • Install a lot of glasses and mirrors.
bathroom in Khrushchev wooden shelves

Dark colors, as you know, narrow the space, so you need to focus on light and bright shades.

Bathroom lighting

Lighting in a small bathroom must be very bright. This will positively affect the visual perception of space.

An excellent solution is a multi-level combined lighting system.

Sometimes a dim light is also needed in the bathroom, so you should take care of choosing the brightness of the light.

bathroom in Khrushchev lighting

Around the mirror, you can also install lights. This is a plus for design as well as for your convenience.

The main lighting is installed in the center of the bathroom, but if you close the curtain, then the lighting behind it will not be enough. In this case, you can also set the spotlight so that the light falls evenly on all areas of the bathroom.

bathroom in Khrushchev

When it is impossible to enlarge a room physically, methods of visual expansion of space come to the rescue.


The design of the bath in Khrushchev requires taking into account a large number of nuances. You can plan everything yourself.Many photos of examples of design of bathrooms and options for the arrangement of furniture for a small bath in Khrushchev can be found on the Internet. But in order to achieve a better result, already knowing exactly what you want, it is better to turn to specialists for help. Since there are details that you may not be able to handle without the advice of an experienced person.

bright bathroom in Khrushchev

Using simple design tricks, the bathroom will turn into a comfortable and modern room, where you can not only conveniently take a shower, but also store all the necessary toiletries.

VIDEO: Repair of a bathroom in Khrushchev - before and after.

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