Which corner cast-iron bath to choose - selection and design tips

A bathtub made of cast iron has always been distinguished by its longevity, which our parents used, and we still use it. To choose such a reliable product and use it for many years, you need to know the main criteria and subtleties of choice.

Light curtain over the corner cast-iron bathtub

The corner bath allows you to rationally use the space of the room without compromising the comfort of the owners of the house or apartment

Criteria for choosing a quality cast-iron bathtub

Now manufacturers make plumbing from cast iron not only of classic strict forms, but also give them an elegant and original design. White plumbing is also a thing of the past, manufacturers can give the product any color that you can choose depending on the design of the room and your preferences.

Corner bath in the room with curtains

The shape of the bowl of a cast-iron bathtub is selected based on the desired room design

Gold Plated Bathroom Decor

Bathroom dimensions are subject to space availability.

Especially popular in recent years is a corner cast-iron bathtub, which will organically look in a large and small bathroom. If your budget is not very limited, take a look at the options with hydromassage, which will pleasantly please during the adoption of water procedures.

Rectangular cast iron bathtub with hydromassage function

Modern cast-iron bathtub with hydromassage

The main selection criteria that you need to know when choosing a cast-iron bath:

  1. The wall thickness is 5-8 mm, modern products differ markedly in this parameter, unlike the plumbing of the Soviet era. The walls of such bathtubs are noticeably thinner than models of past years, but they are just as durable and of high quality.
  2. The weight of the product is from seventy kilograms, cast iron is a very heavy material, and the weight mainly depends on the shape and size of the bathing bowl, but the smallest option can not weigh below this parameter.
  3. Scratches and chips on the enamel are not allowed when buying, the coating should be smooth and shiny.
  4. The low price of the product should alert you, a quality bath will never be cheap - choose options with accompanying documents and a guarantee from the manufacturer.
  5. The shape and dimensions of the product should be considered for the choice of transportation and installation in the required place.
  6. The drain hole should correspond to the communications in the bathroom, consultants in stores will help you choose your option.
  7. The bath should be installed by specialists who give a guarantee on the work performed, otherwise you will not be able to eliminate the slightest leak yourself.

Bathtub for a private house

If you are a lover of water procedures in a comfortable environment and have provided a spacious bathroom for your house, then models in a separate design will look more organically than wall-mounted bathtubs. Or consider the option of a corner bathtub - manufacturers offer a wide range of these products with various bowl shapes and a diverse color palette that will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Cast-iron bathtub in a country house

Spacious bathroom in a private house with a cast-iron bowl closed by a decorative wooden screen

When buying, you must take into account door openings for product delivery and installation. On which floor is the bathroom, if it is above the first floor, what is the safety margin of the stairs and floors in the house.When choosing large bathtubs, these parameters must be taken into account at the construction stage.

Asymmetric cast-iron bath in the attic of a private house

Cast-iron bathtub in the attic of a country house

Cast-iron bathtub in a country house

Corner bath in a room with a picturesque view

In addition, during operation, the calculation should provide for the weight of the product with water and plus the weight of at least two adults. The entire load will be located on two square meters. Moreover, this will not be the maximum load, but a constant working one. As a conclusion, the calculation and installation of floors for the bath should be performed without deviations from the Building Standards and Rules.

Bath for apartment

An asymmetric cast-iron bathtub is more often installed in an apartment; it fits seamlessly into the small space of the bathroom.

Orange countertop in the bathroom

White cast-iron bathtub in a room with bright accents

Two sinks in a modern style bathroom

Small bathtub with plastic splash guard

Cast-iron bathtub in a city apartment

Narrow asymmetric model in the bathroom with shower

The main thing, when choosing a product, it is necessary to consider the presence of a freight elevator in the house and door openings in the premises for delivery. The doors in apartment buildings, as a rule, are not very wide, and the large weight of the bathroom can create difficulties when installing the product in place.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cast iron bath

Plumbing made of cast iron has a lot of advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

Black-foot cast-iron corner bath

Cast iron, like any other material, has its pros and cons

The main advantages of the product:

  • strength and durability, with careful use, such a bath will serve you for more than a decade;
  • keeps heat for a long time, which allows you to take a bath comfortably for a long time;
  • high sound insulation when collecting water in a bowl;
  • enamel coating resistance to mechanical stress and aggressive cleaning agents;
  • Does not bend or deform during operation;
  • heavy weight complete with legs gives high stability to the product.
The girl in a cast-iron bathtub of angular form

A bowl with thick cast-iron walls holds heat well

Minor cast iron bath:

  • heavy weight makes delivery and installation difficult;
  • restoration of enamel in case of damage and scratches is a very time-consuming process;
  • a limited range of forms of modern products due to the complex manufacturing process;
  • high price of a bath in comparison with steel and acrylic products.
Built-in bathtub made of cast iron in a room with a window

Finding a cast iron bathtub of the desired configuration will be very difficult

Sizes and varieties

With a small assortment of forms, you can choose a cast-iron bathtub for any room of domestic or imported production and depending on your wishes and preferences.

Seating versions of domestic production are usually not equipped with special protrusions for seating and are 120 cm long and 70 cm wide. Imported analogues have such protrusions and are produced in the same sizes.

Corner cast-iron bathtub with a ledge for sitting

Imported bathtub with comfortable overhang

Oval forms are convenient to use as freestanding fonts, their sizes: length 180 cm, width from 70 to 100 cm.

White oval bath in a private house

A free-standing bathtub is suitable for a spacious room in a country house

Round bathtubs are used in large rooms, and the sizes depend only on your wishes and financial capabilities.

Round bathtub made of cast iron in front of a panoramic window

The fashion for large round bathtubs came to us from abroad

Rectangular standard forms of domestic production have a length of 150 to 180 cm and a width of 70-75 cm, import options are from 140-200 cm in length and 70-85 cm in width.

Rectangular standard cast iron bathtub

Rectangular cast-iron bathtubs are familiar to everyone since Soviet times

Separate models are equipped with beautiful legs that give the font stability and a chic aristocratic look.

White corner bath with curly legs

The foot bath is perfect for a classic, retro or provence interior

Asymmetric Cast Iron Bathtub

This form is often installed in city apartments, in which you do not often find a large bathroom.Asymmetric angular shapes save space, look beautiful in any design and fit perfectly into a small room.

The unusual shape will add originality and grace to the interior, additionally save the usable area for the placement of necessary furniture and a washing machine.

The font can be different: oval, rectangular, drop-shaped or any other complex shape. Such bathtubs are equipped with additional equipment for hydromassage and a variety of lighting, which will make the water treatment the most pleasant and relaxing.

Asymmetric corner bathtub

In a small room, an asymmetric bath will save space

Asymmetric angular forms of bathtubs are now quite problematic to buy, but possible. It is difficult for manufacturers to make a product of cast iron of this form; it will be quite expensive compared to other, more budget options.

Asymmetric bathtub in a room with niches in the wall

In a spacious room, an asymmetric bowl will add originality and exclusivity to the interior.

If you decide to purchase such a bath, contact specialized stores with trusted suppliers that guarantee decent quality. The installation of such plumbing should be done only by highly qualified specialists and then it will only please you.

Tips for Designing a Corner Cast Iron Bathroom

The bathroom with such a font can be designed very organically and stylishly. The corner bath is suitable for any design style: from simple classic to chic French. Interior solutions depend on your imagination and individual preferences in the choice of design.

Classic style bathroom interior with corner bowl

The most harmonious corner bath looks in a classic style

Art Nouveau Cast Iron Bathtub

A cast-iron corner bathtub emphasizes the design features in the Art Nouveau style and at the same time dilutes the strict atmosphere

Cast iron corner bath in front of a window with a bamboo curtain

Mediterranean style interior is well suited for a bathroom in a country house

Shelves for shampoos and gels are provided on the sides of the corner bath, and in the corner above the bowl you can additionally hang a corner shelf.

White bath bowl in a room with gray walls

Corner cast-iron bathtub with comfortable headrest

It is better to choose a white font, and add backlighting for originality and romance. A bright accent can be done on the apron in the form of an original mosaic of ceramic tiles. It is better to choose plumbing from one series, otherwise different forms and styles may conflict with each other.

Corner cast-iron bathtub with integrated lighting

Asymmetric backlit bowl in a minimalist style bathtub

Choosing a high-quality cast-iron bath, you will not be mistaken and will enjoy comfortable water procedures for many years.

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