Features of the choice of dressing table and skid with a mirror for bedrooms

A dressing table or dressing table with a mirror is one of the essential attributes of a bedroom. With the right choice, a table or cabinet with a mirror panel can become one of the key elements of the design of the room. There are many varieties of dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom, photos of which can be found, and to understand how exactly this type of dressing table will suit you.

Dresser mirror in a classic bedroom

The dressing table looks good in the bedroom interior when its design matches the rest of the furniture

The history of the dressing table begins in the 18th century. In the Baroque era, a large mirror with a dressing table was part of the decoration of the boudoir bedrooms of the court ladies. Then boudoirs and, accordingly, dressing tables, it was customary to issue in white or scarlet colors. Now there are no restrictions in the color scheme. It is possible to choose both a classic shape trellis and a modern multifunctional model with any decor.

wooden floor in the bedroom with dressing table

When choosing a dressing table with a mirror, you need to focus on other accessories in the room

When choosing a dressing table, as well as the entire design of a room, one should take into account not only its spectacular appearance, but also the temperament of the owner. After all, it is very important that a person feels comfortable and relaxed in the room. And this is possible only if the design does not conflict with the temperament of the owner.

Dressing table for sanguine

Since sanguine people like open space and freedom, an ideal option for them would be a large mirror panel, decorated in bright colors. It is white, light blue, light pink, sand. Terracotta and other warm colors will be good. Light shades of natural wood will be appropriate.

White dressing table for a bedroom in a classic style

Exquisite dressing table made of white painted wood

Of the directions of style, the classic, baroque with its abundance of decor, and the modern avant-garde are most suitable for the sanguine.

Corner dressing table

The modern corner model is most suitable for balanced phlegmatic. For people of this temperament, convenience and functionality are a priority, they do not like excesses. The table should be practical and roomy, while small in size. A folding option is also suitable, where the mirror panel extends or hides if necessary.

Corner dressing table in a classic style

Corner dressing table is simply indispensable for small rooms

For a dressing table in a phlegmatic room, a strict classical style, retro or modern style without frills will be appropriate.

Mermaid with a mirror in the bedroom of a choleric

For choleric, a bright and effective trellis with backlight is suitable. It is unusual for them to strictly follow one chosen style in the design of the room. But it is obvious that minimalism or classic is hardly suitable for this type of temperament. Therefore, the trellis should attract attention. For this, a combination of black and red tones, or a bright snow-white color, can serve. It all depends on the overall color scheme of the room.

Black dressing table on brickwork background

Stylish black trellis from solid wood

A table with a mirror that suits the melancholic

Melancholic is the most sensitive type of temperament. For them, a bedroom is a cozy corner where you can hide from the outside world if you wish. Bright and catchy tones are not for them.Therefore, the design should be chosen in soft colors, preferably warm tones. The dressing table in the room of the melancholic is appropriately smooth, rounded outlines. The sharp corners are out of place here. In the same way, bright and defiant stylistic directions, such as modern or fusion, do not fit.

Dressing table with a mirror in the children's bedroom

Classic ivory dressing table in teenage girl room

Cold colors and deep dark colors should also not be used in the decor of a dressing table for a person with a melancholy type of temperament.

Varieties and models

With all the variety of varieties of tables with mirrors, they can be divided into several basic models:

  • Angled is the most ergonomic option. It does not take up much space, and therefore is suitable even for a small bedroom. Due to the large number of drawers, this table is a compact storage system. With a small footprint, this is a great alternative to a bulky chest of drawers. Modern corner dressing tables are also made in the form of transformers, where the mirror can be hidden inside.

    Oval mirror on a hanging table

    Corner dressing table with a small mirror in the bedroom of the girl

  • Hanging models - in such designs, the hanging dressing table and mirror part are attached directly to the wall. The table can hold on two supports, or not have them at all. Unlike other designs, the hanging table is compact and lightweight, with a small number of shelves for storage. The mirror panel is also usually small. Such a model will most fit into a high-tech or loft decor.

    White hanging mirror on bedroom wall

    As a rule, a suspended dressing table is a compact model with a minimum of possibilities.

  • Wall-mounted is a classic look. Depending on the style of performance, they are equipped with a table or stand with legs. The mirror surface is part of a single structure and is attached to the pedestal. There are no restrictions on weight and dimensions, as in suspended models. Therefore, wall trellis can be quite wide and heavy. This applies to both the mirror and the table itself. For example, there are wall-mounted pier glass with a height of 120 cm, where you can see yourself almost at full height.

    Wall mirror with square mirror

    Compact wall-mounted dressing table made in contemporary style

Pros and cons of choosing a bedroom mirror

Fur cape on a chair in front of a dressing table

It is almost impossible to overestimate the importance of a dressing table for a girl’s room

Illuminated dressing table

This is a convenient option for those who like to watch themselves in the mirror in good light. With such a mirror, you can apply high-quality makeup without undetected defects. Also, the illumination on the trellis can be used as local lighting when the light in the room is off. The downside of this option is that backlight tends to burn out, and the lamps need to be replaced.

LED bulbs around the mirror in the dressing table

Illuminated dressing table for a contemporary style bedroom

When buying, you should definitely pay attention to exactly which lamps the manufacturer uses. Fluorescent or halogen lamps are now a rare option, but sometimes they are still used. They give the effect of daylight, but their flicker negatively affects the eyes. The best option is LED bulbs. They serve for a long time, are not afraid of humidity and provide high-quality lighting.

Decorative dressing table lighting

Original mirror illumination with a garland of LED bulbs

Dressing table in the bedroom

Many people prefer to install a small dressing table in the hallway, or to build a compact dressing table in the bathroom. But the classic option is the bedroom. Here you must first determine the choice of model. First of all, you need to pay attention to the design style of the room. The hanging option will not look appropriate if the room is decorated in a classic or baroque style.

Baroque bedroom dressing table

For an interior in the Baroque style, an expensive dressing table covered in textured leather is perfect

The dimensions of the room are also important. For a small room, hanging and corner constructions are better.They save space and serve as an alternative to a chest of drawers for storage. But a massive table will significantly spoil the interior of a small bedroom.

Trellis with a mirror

Retro trellis on bent wooden legs

Such a vintage trellis will definitely appeal to lovers of antiques

Sometimes the concepts of "trellis" and "dressing table" are confused. Trelezhazh is a type of a pier glass with a double or triple mirror panel. Therefore, not every pier glass is a trellis.

Light-colored trellis in a room with a pink wall

In the trellis, the central mirror is fixed motionless, and the side mirrors can be rotated at your discretion

The trellis is suitable for those who need to see themselves from all sides. Side mirror surfaces give you the opportunity to examine yourself in profile, and with the help of a small mirror in your hand - and behind. In order to straighten your hair, or to check if all the fasteners are in place - this is a great option. It also has a significant drawback - large dimensions, so the trellis is not suitable for any room. Another minus of the trellis is the fragility of the structure. The fasteners that hold the side parts may become worn or loose. Therefore, it is worth handling it carefully.

Popular color schemes

The color scheme of the design of the dressing table depends on the overall color scheme of the room and its style.
The most successful options:

  • Pastel warm colors - for the Provence style, classic and generally for the "northern" room.

    Vintage trellis in a rustic bedroom

    Vintage pieces of furniture can serve as a central decorating element in the interior of a bedroom

  • Decor using gilding, silver and bronze shades is suitable for baroque or empire. In a room with a classic design, you can also use such tones for the dressing table, but do not abuse them. Gilding for a bedroom Provence is contraindicated.

    Expensive dressing table with a mirror

    Baroque dressing table is an expensive piece of furniture made of precious woods with carvings and metal decor

  • Natural wood tones will fit well with the loft, country or Scandinavian style. In the loft bedroom, darker shades, such as wenge, will be appropriate.

    Dressing table with triple mirror for a bedroom Provence

    Aged wood trellis - a good option for a room in Provence style

  • Vivid color combinations (white and black, black and red) are characteristic of modern or fusion styles. However, the option can be used in any other modern style, as a color accent.

    Pink dressing table with mirror for the bedroom

    A stylish console-style dressing table, harmoniously complemented by lamps with black shades

  • Light gray, light blue and graphite shades are equally suitable for Scandinavian style, minimalism and high-tech.

    White dressing table with mirror

    Laconic model with clear lines - the best solution for a room in a minimalist style

It is worth considering that warm or cold tones prevail in the design of the room. If the bedroom is located on the north side, it is worth warming it with warm shades, and a dressing table is no exception. For the south side, the situation is just the opposite - it is desirable that cold colors prevail.

Set with dressing table for the female bedroom

A dressing table with a mirror can be a separate piece of furniture or be part of a bedroom set

Photos of finished examples with a mirror for the bedroom

With a variety of designs and design of dressing tables with a mirror for the bedroom can be found in the photo. Only after seeing the desired option in the interior, you can understand how it will look on the spot, in the bedroom or hallway. Examples of ready-made solutions can serve to help you choose the right dressing table.

Gilded decor on the dressing table in the bedroom

The dimensions of the dressing table for the bedroom depend on the availability of free space in the room

A small dressing table near the bed

A compact dressing table instead of a bedside table is a fairly common practice in modern bedrooms.

Wooden dressing table in a bright bedroom

The most suitable place for the dressing table is on the side of the bedroom window

Gray chair in front of the pier glass with dark trim

When choosing a dressing table with a mirror, do not forget about a comfortable chair, armchair or ottoman

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50 photos of dressing tables for the bedroom

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