Bedroom design options - choose what can be hung above the bed

The picture in the room always creates coziness. A separate topic is the picture in the bedroom. A special atmosphere should come from it.

Small paintings on the blue wall of the bedroom

Pictures are the main accents in the bedroom interior

What picture hang in the bedroom above the bed?

Many decide to decorate the walls of the bedroom with a piece of painting. Choosing a picture for such an intimate place as a bedroom, it is necessary to take into account certain features:

  • a work of art must necessarily be liked by both;
  • Do not stop your choice on a picture of aggression;
  • discard images of dead people.

If you choose a picture with inscriptions in another language, be sure to find out how the phrase is translated.

In addition to paintings in the bedroom above the headboard, you can place a mirror. It will have exclusively a decor function, since it is unlikely to be convenient to look into it. A mirror can only emphasize the style of your bedroom. Mirrors can help adjust the visual perception of the size of a room. Place the mirror at least 40 cm above the mattress level. This distance is the safest.

Mirroring the wall above the bed

The frame of the mirror must be chosen in the spirit of the style of the bedroom interior

Choosing a canopy or curtain over the bed is a good idea. Such a choice is made by romantic personalities. Decoration will look appropriate in spacious bedrooms and pleasantly soften the corners of furniture.

Mosaic or tile can add a special piquancy to a room. They will be bright room accents.

Add niches to the room and at the same time comfort niches with niches will help you. Place the shelves at a height convenient for you, so that certain shelves serve as decor, and some you can use and put the necessary things at bedtime before going to bed. For example, a book or glasses. The depth of the niche should be sufficient so that things do not fall out of them. Illumination in niches will serve as a replacement for fixtures and can create a more intimate atmosphere. The disadvantage of niches is that to create them you need to build walls. Which will lead to a decrease in the size of the room.

Niches with lighting in the bedroom interior

Niches can also be decorated with paintings or small photographs.

Also, photos, photo wallpapers, a decorated chipboard panel, a screen, a panel or another whim of your imagination can be placed above the bed.

How to choose a picture for the bedroom, depending on the size and style of the room

The size of the room dictates immediately what features of the picture should be taken into account when choosing. What to hang on the wall in the bedroom if the room is small or spacious? Consider below.

Large paintings above the bed in the bedroom

The larger the room, the larger the paintings.

Any massive picture placed on the wall will visually reduce the room, so they are not suitable for small rooms. An exception is the picture standing on the floor and leaning against the wall, on the contrary it will help expand the space of a small room. A spacious room will absorb small canvases, and they will become invisible.

Horizontal stripes on the wallpaper in the bedroom

The best option for the background of the picture is a plain wall or a rare striped wallpaper

If the room has a low ceiling, it’s a great idea to place vertical compositions in the room.In rooms with high ceilings it is better to forget about vertical compositions, since their use can lead to a “well effect”. Choose horizontal canvases.

Bedroom of a private house with a picture above the bed

A narrow picture will make the room visually wider

The subject of painting must necessarily respond to the style of the room. You should not introduce a picture of the Renaissance into a room in the style of pop art. Everything should be harmonious. The classic style is complemented by paintings in a gilded frame.

Picture in golden frames in a classic style bedroom

Classical bedroom, the interior of which is decorated with reproductions of famous artists

Loft style requires abstractionism. Modern design will perfectly accept the urban landscape, but it is worth refusing exactly from abstract art and impressionism.

Wall mural on the bedroom wall in a modern style

The urban landscape fits perfectly into the modern interior of the bedroom

There is an African style, choose a composition with a savannah or safari.

African bedroom decor

For ethnic styles, compositions with the image of national ornaments are always suitable.

In a high-tech room, urban laconic landscapes will look great: the Statue of Liberty, a bridge, a telephone box. Perfectly reflected in high-tech macro photography: enlarged dew drops, snowflake or petal structure.

Design of a modern hi-tech bedroom with paintings

High-tech paintings fit perfectly with abstractions

Types of paintings for the bedroom

Each composition has its own semantic load and color palette. When choosing a canvas in a room, it is necessary to delve into what the picture is about, as well as whether it will harmonize with the interior of the bedroom.

Painting theme

The theme depends on such an artistic canvas, the style of which will be reflected in every detail of the room. For example, if you place on the wall a canvas with the image of the sea and yachts, this will give an impetus to design a bedroom in a marine style.

Marine painting on bedroom wall

Pictures of the sea set up for relaxation

Target painting

If fast falling asleep is important to you, then you need to choose a calming picture. If there is a desire that passion does not fade in the bedroom, select a picture of a hot couple or a passionate girl.

Black and white photo over the head of the bed

Passionate photos will be a great option for wall decor over the bed

Freshen the relationship in a pair can be a composition with red poppies, bright pink peonies or other flowers. To replenish the family, hang out compositions with the image of children.

Picture with children in the bedroom

Large canvas can be placed on the bedroom floor

If you are looking for a soul mate, post a picture with lovers.

Portrait of a beloved girl over the head of the bed

It can be a simple pencil drawing or a photograph.

The image of nature will help maintain harmony and well-being.


There is a concept like a picture-mood. If you want your room to be filled with light, warmth and comfort, place an image of the rising sun above the head of the bed.

Sunrise on the picture in the bedroom

Modular paintings consisting of several paintings united by a common composition are now fashionable.

A painting depicting a spring forest or summer rain will spread cool freshness throughout the room.

Forest in a picture in a bright bedroom

Spacious bedroom can be decorated with murals depicting a forest

The canvas with lovers, possibly holding hands, will bring a romantic touch.

Compositions with flowers always carry a positive component, and are suitable for any interior.

Oil paintings on the bedroom wall of a private house

Images on the wall should be coordinated with a specific interior.

How to hang pictures over the bed

Professional designers often adhere to the following rules:

  1. The picture should be in harmony with the general bedroom interiors and not create a clear contrast.
  2. If you place several images, you need to consider that photos do not harmonize with watercolors, and sketches will not look at all next to abstract. Also make sure that the shape and size of artwork is the same shape and size.
  3. The image should be at eye level.
  4. The style. Do not mix different styles. In the classic interior, the image above the head of the metropolis will be completely inappropriate.And in a hi-tech style room, a portrait of some representative of the royal family will look strange.
  5. Do not place a lot of small parts over the bed. This advice is given by many psychologists. The reason is that a curious human brain will begin to show interest in detail. Instead of sleeping, he will lie and examine attributes. But also keep in mind that large pieces of art should only be hung in spacious rooms.
Pictures in wooden frames over the bed in the bedroom

Diptych can be placed along the entire length of the head of the bed

Pictures for the bedroom in Feng Shui: features of choice

Feng Shui is an ancient teaching, backed by thousands of years of experience and knowledge. Correctly selected paintings for the bedroom in Feng Shui can be seen in the photo.

Japanese-style bedroom decor

Feng Shui prefers plant subjects

And yet, what paintings can be hung in the bedroom according to Feng Shui? Do not place pictures of wild animals in the bedroom. This will entail a concentration of aggression and negative energy. So forget about the images of tigers and lions. Leave images of cheerful noisy parties for another room; in the bedroom, it will not set you up for harmony and relaxation.

Small paintings on a shelf in the bedroom

The interior of the bedroom looks stylish landscapes and still lifes located on a narrow decorative shelf

Refuse compositions depicting grief, sadness, death, movement, storms, storms, and other cataclysms. Such a painting can bring negative energy into the house, spoil relations in the family and disrupt your restful sleep.

Boiling streams and waterfalls have a positive effect on attracting cash flow to your home. But such paintings have a place in the study or living room, but not in the bedroom.

Painted trees on the bedroom wall

Images of nature allow you to imagine yourself somewhere there, surrounded by silence and tranquility

Painting should attract well-being and exude positive energy. Therefore, for the bedroom, pictures exuding peace and tranquility are suitable. A canvas that responds in the depths of your soul with warmth and joy, comfort and tranquility.

Modular picture as a decor of a bedroom interior

The tree of love in the modular picture in the bedroom of the spouses

A canvas with peonies is an excellent choice for a bedroom, as they are a symbol of love in Feng Shui, respectively, minimize quarrels and strengthen passion in a relationship.

Peonies flowers in a picture in a bedroom

Painting with peonies in the interior of the bedroom of a romantic girl

Rules for posting paintings in terms of Feng Shui

Place flowers in your apartment that bring good luck, such as azalea, hibiscus, gerbera, orchids, violets, etc. Flowers can be placed on the picture in vases, as well as in mugs, and on plates.

A picture with large flowers above the head of the bed

Wall decor with paintings - a great solution to transforming the interior of a bedroom without repair

In the bedroom you can put photos of people you love. The main thing is that the people in the photo are not sad. In no case do not hang pictures of politicians in the bedroom. This will absolutely ruin your connection in a couple and bring frustration.

Wall decor over the bed with paintings with portraits

Paintings with portraits are suitable for a bedroom decorated in a classic, baroque or rococo style.

Avoid compositions with sharp and clear outlines. Such as corners, arrowheads, prongs.

Using a compass, determine the cardinal points and make sure that the prevailing color gamut matches as follows:

  • north - black and blue color (water element);
  • south - red, yellow (element fire);
  • east and southeast - green (tree element);
  • west and northwest - white, gold, silver (metal element);
  • southwest and northeast - brown (earth element).

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the frame of the picture should not be too large and convex.

Video about how paintings affect our mood

Photo Gallery: Paintings in the bedroom interior

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